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6 Ways to Up Your Flask Game

There are many reasons that you’ll find yourself needing a flask. Among them: 1) If you’re looking to sneak a quick sip on the sly from time to time; 2) To avoid having to carry a bottle of hooch with you everywhere you go; 3) If you’re James Bond.

With that in mind, we present to you six of the most ridiculous, yet functional flasks money can buy:



No word on whether the ball in the background was ever retrieved.

The Glask is a baseball glove that accommodates an eight-ounce disposable pouch. Though you might feel ridiculous reenacting this photo, take solace in the creators’ business acumen that forces you to buy packs of disposable pouches until it corrupts your love of baseball.

Beyond tailgates or league softball games, this flask has limited uses, but go ahead and try taking it to a nightclub.

Cost: $35.99 (+$5 after each three uses)

2. VSSL Flasklight


Now you can drink and see where you’re going. Photo: www.vsslgear.com

If you like to drink in the woods and prefer not getting lost, the Flasklight, should be your best friend. With a cap that doubles as a compass and a battery powered flashlight at its base, it holds 10 ounces of alcohol while housing two collapsible shot glasses and a bottle opener in a secret compartment.

It looks like a water bottle, but “FLASK” is printed on the side, so consider adding an REI or Northface sticker to reinforce your adventurous credentials.

Cost: $55 Pre-order; $65 Regular Price

3. Flask Bangle


Stylish and chic, though poses some problems at airport metal detectors. Photo: cynthiarowley.com

For all the ladies out there, this patented Cynthia Rowley accessory has a chicness to it that may not make up for its high price tag. Each stainless steel bangle only holds three ounces so find something strong. Patent be damned, a similar bracelet with less capacity is available at Urban Outfitters for a fraction of the cost.

Cost: $225; $365 24k Gold Plated Get it: Cynthia Rowley

4. Drink Caddy Driver


Drive, then drink. Photo: drinkcaddy.com

Golf is a long game, and no one knows that better than the folks at Drink Caddy. Thermally insulated and boasting a 1.6-liter capacity, this flask is most inconspicuous (assuming you don’t have extremely high-end golf clubs). A less attractive putter version holds marginally less alcohol, but both types have battery-operated dispensers.

Cost: $99 Driver; $69 Putter

5. Booze Books

Proof that you should never judge a book by its cover. Photo: www.benderbound.com

Everyone has that one friend who takes a book with them everywhere. Now, you can seem intellectual with this old-fashioned flask concealed in a fake copy of Sherlock Holmes. You can also get what looks like a complete anthology of Edgar Allen Poe stories. Neither book has actual words on their pages, so relax bibliophiles.

Cost: $34.95 Retail; $28.95 Pre-Order

6. The Drinking Jacket

Good thing they also thought about where you can store your sunglasses. Photo: missinginkshop.com

Okay, this is not a flask. The Drinking Jacket is a fashionable alcoholics dream. The people who want this jacket already have a traditional flask, need room for beer, and desperately want to open bottles with their zipper, all in cozy comfort. There’s no counting the ways that this jacket keeps you warm.

Cost: $85