7 Beautiful Places You Never Knew You Should Visit

Thanks to curious, adventurous, travel-hungry Instagrammers and bloggers, we're able to see the world like never before.

Isn’t it surreal to think most of the known world was once uncharted territory? Artists first brought back inspiring stories and paintings from never before seen lands.

With early photography, we could see far-off regions that inspired our imaginations. More recently travel has made no land off limits, but it isn’t something everyone has the time or money to do.

And then, Instagram was born.

Thanks to curious, adventurous, travel-hungry Instagrammers and bloggers, we’re able to see the world like never before.

Many have made careers of exploring and sharing their experiences with the world, offering new windows to peer into.

While we all can’t globe trot, here are seven places you never knew you needed to visit. Now.

1. Skellig Michael, Ireland


No Star Wars spoilers here! Photo: @everythingeverywhere / Instagram

Skellig Michael is an island off the coast of Southwest Ireland that “looks as if no one could land there, let alone live on it,” says Gary Arndt. However, 1,000 years ago monks did exactly that. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and was one of the filming locations for Star Wars The Force Awakens.

2. Dolomites, Italy


To think, all you have to do to travel to another world is visit Italy. Photo: @StephBeTravel / Instagram

For Stephanie Be, sunrise rock-climbing in the Dolomites was “one of those experiences where you stop, take it all in, and are almost overwhelmed with happiness.” And we can see why.

3. The Maldives


It’s like the modern day city of Atlantis. Photo: @hermioneolivia / Instagram

Hermione Underwood (@hermioneolivia) recently had the opportunity to experience the Maldives. “This image to me personifies bliss. Clear blue waters, blissfully hot sun pouring down, a haven away from the world and I was all alone. Heaven!”

4. Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia


Give me an infinity pool and a view and I’ll believe I’ve made it to Heaven. Photo: @thetravellinglight / Instagram

Found on the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan, the Cliff Villas Lembongan are just east of Bali. They look out over the island’s vast, blue bay and the mountains and volcanoes of Bali in the distance, a view that Katie of @thetravellinglight was completely enamored with.

5. Jökulsárlón, Iceland


Who knew ice could be colored anything other than white? Photo: @kirstenalana / Instagram

Kirsten Alana captured this gorgeous image of Jökulsárlón, a glacier lagoon on Iceland’s South Eastern coast. “The two shades of color, the non-transparent white and the almost-turquoise bright blue, are caused by trapped air and ice crystals which react to light differently depending on the mixture of all elements,” Kirsten says.

6. Saint Martial Entraygues, France


A forest where all the woodland animals speak French. Photo: @urbanpixxels / Instagram

Rooming in a tree house in the middle of a forest? With an incredible view over the Dordogne river? Sounds appealing to everyone’s inner child. Jacintha Verdegaal of @urbanpixxels was fortunate enough to experience this rare perspective of France for a single night.

7. Montenegro, Balkans


This looks like it belongs in The Sound of Music. Photo: @blondegypsy / Instagram

Nicknaming the area, “the darling of the Balkans,” Larissa snapped this image of the road to Budva in Montenegro. “Perfectly petite, strikingly beautiful, absolutely charming.”