7 Epic Cornbreads To Keep You Warm Through Winter

Nothing says to stay inside with a blanket more than a hot buttery piece of cornbread.

The temperatures have dropped outside, and we are looking for all things warm and comforting to help get us through it! Nothing says to stay inside with a blanket more than a hot buttery piece of cornbread. We’ve rounded up some mouthwatering ideas that’ll keep you warm from the inside out!

1. Grilled Cornbread with Jalapeno Honey Butter


So cute! But careful, they bite. Photo: @moniisch / Instagram

Oh crisp, buttery heaven! Seriously, though, this combo of sweet and spicy butter slathered on top of crispy grill marked cornbread is something we will be drooling over all winter!

Perfect to take that boring bowl of chili up ten notches and we guess probably good enough to eat on its own too. Maybe for breakfast. Take that back, definitely for breakfast!

2. Taco Cornbread Waffles


Why get it on the side when you can get it UNDER the meal? Photo: @sheuncovered / Instagram

We have found it! The perfect solution for brunch cravings this winter are taco cornbread waffles! As if we needed any more excuses as to why brunch is the best meal ever, this one tops the list.

We love any reason to use the waffle maker. These taco cornbread waffles topped with seasoned taco meat, avocado, cheese, and chiles are just what we need to get out of bed on a cold morning! This cornbread brings a whole new meaning to Taco Tuesday!

3. Cornbread With Surprise Egg


Surprise! Bet you didn’t see that giant egg in there! Photo: @extrapetite / Instagram

Who doesn’t love surprises!?! Especially when they come in the form on an extra runny yolk! We are starting to see a theme here cornbread + breakfast = perfect love match. Who are we to deny it? This cast iron creation with cornbread, egg, fried Spam, and cheese is totally a breakfast in bed that we fully approve.

4. Hot Devil’s Cornbread


Wherein the cornbread serves as a vessel for other devilish delights. Photo: @barbecoa / Instagram

When a top chef like Jaime Oliver is making cornbread like this then you know you’re onto something epic! His barbecue steakhouse in London is whipping up batches of loaded cornbread with a spicy kick from the spreadable pork sausage, crispy onions, and melty cheese. We are for sure going to try and recreate this one of these nights! Perfect for a night in by the fire!

5. Slow Cooker Cornbread Casserole


Your four agonizing hours of waiting will pay off, we promise. Photo: @misscrownroyal / Instagram

What could be better than coming home to warm, cheesy goodness straight out of the slow cooker? We guess not much on a cold winter’s day! This cheese laced casserole has our names written all over it and gets major bonus point for only five minutes of prep time, what!?

Simply mix all the ingredients together and wait for four agonizing hours until it’s ready. We recommend getting out of the house and working up an appetite for this one!

6. Chili Cornbread Pot Pies


Good thing the portions are controlled or I’d do major damage on these. Photo: @speckledpalate / Instagram

Chili and cornbread go together like, well chili and cornbread! This version is perfect for your besties who don’t like to share. Everyone had a friend like this; we aren’t naming any names, though! So enter individual servings with the perfect cornbread to chili ratio! You can do some make ahead prep on these that will make inviting friends over for a dinner a breeze this winter!

7. Farmer’s Market Cornbread


Because cornbread cares about supporting your local economy and you should, too. Photo: @the_bojon_gourmet / Instagram

One pan fits all with this scrumptious recipe! This farmer’s market inspired cornbread dish makes it super easy to keep those resolutions this winter! It’s power packed with sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and sheep’s milk cheese.

We are all about supporting local farmers and eating fresh, so this epic cornbread is the perfect dish for a snowy day!