7 Epic Nutella Creations To Blow Your Chocolate-Hazelnut Mind

It’s got everything you need as ingredients go—chocolate, hazelnuts, freedom, joy, passion, eternity. It’s all there.

Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like Nutella. Aside from the obvious excuse of allergies, there’s no reason you and the people you trust most don’t consider Nutella a total fix. It’s got everything you need as ingredients go—chocolate, hazelnuts, freedom, joy, passion, eternity. It’s all there.

To celebrate the glory that is World Nutella Day, here are seven creations with Nutella that’ll make your spine spin, your stomach cheer, and your brain explode.

1. Baked Nutella and Ricotta Cheesecake


How do they pack so much flavor into this tiny cake? Nutella. Photo: insatiablemunch / Flickr

Oh, were you feeling even remotely sad? Because one bite of this carnival of chocolate-hazelnut goodness and you’ll feel like you’re piloting Cloud 9 right into a rainbow. If you eat the whole thing, the sugar rush might let you legitimately see that.

2. Almond Nutella Pizza


This Nutella-to-almond ratio game is strong. Photo: @missevoli / Instagram

Pizza is quite possible the most universally agreed upon food, but you can’t eat it for every meal – UNLESS YOU TOTALLY CAN! The only thing that’s been stopping you from following up pizza with pizza was the lack of a perfect dessert pizza. Well, that stupid era is over because this exists.

3. Nutella-Mandel Tartelettes


They’re small enough, so you don’t have to share. Photo: @sk.stilcafe / Instagram

This mini tart looks like something they’d serve at the fanciest birthday party ever. Compact in size and giant in flavor, these little masterpieces are the perfect melding of richness and lightness. Sure you may be tempted to have a second, but any more and your blood sugar might reach record heights.

4. Nutella Sticky Buns


If this doesn’t get you going, you’re a monster. Photo: @allthebestff / Instagram

Most of us can agree that cinnamon buns are pretty incredible. Add Nutella to the fold (no pun intended) and you have a recipe that should illicit a joy and happiness not known since childhood.

5. Nutella Ravioli


When your pasta is oozing Nutella, you know you’ve made it. Photo: @pastificiophilly / Instagram

Yeah, pasta is fine or whatever, but it could be better. While savory choices like cheese, meat or vegetables are all fine and well, why not make dessert the main course and give yourself what you want?

6. Nutella Espresso (Chocolate Chip) Pancakes


Somewhere within the medley of espresso, nutella, and chocolate, there are pancakes. Photo: @meli_watson / Instagram

Looking to perk yourself up immediately? An absurd triumph of the human spirit, these bonkers-looking celebrations of what it means to be alive is gooey goodness that you likely didn’t think possible. It’s an outrageous amount of things you love in one place.

7. Spiked Nutella Hot Chocolate


Let your cup runneth over. Photo: @hazelnut_house / Instagram

Warm yourself from the inside out by washing down all the other Nutella stuff you’ve eaten from this list with a nice cup of spiked and melted Nutella. Nutella with bourbon is a combination that could unite the world.