7 Reasons Why Deadpool Is Your Superhero Foodie Spirit Animal

What might surprise you is this foul-mouthed anti-hero is big into food. You work up quite the appetite dispatching baddies.

There’s no denying the Merc with the Mouth - Deadpool – destroyed the box office over the long weekend, taking in over $282 million dollars globally in just four days. What might surprise you is this foul-mouthed anti-hero is big into food. You work up quite the appetite dispatching baddies.

Deadpool has an extensive love of grub both in the comics and throughout his relatively short pop culture history. He is like the superhero foodie spirit animal you had no idea existed – or wanted.

Need proof? Here are seven examples of Deadpool’s foodie passion.

1. He Has An Unhealthy Love Of Chimichangas


Itty bitty foodie Deadpool! Photo: Marvel/Funko Pop

You know what’s better than a burrito? A deep-fried burrito. Deadpool knows this, which is why this Tex-Mex treat may be one of his favorite meals. How much does he love them? So much that the adorable toy company Funko Pop made him his very own Chimichangas truck.

2. He Loves Bingeing On Pancakes


The man is a MASTER of breakfast. Photo: Marvel Comics

Who doesn’t love a stack of flapjacks in the morning? Those warm, fluffy morsels of griddled happiness make every morning better. So why not have a stack? Or in Deadpool’s case, 372,844. And don’t forget the maple syrup.

3. Sometimes He Just Needs A Pizza


Deadpool’s on trend. Photo: Marvel Comics

Does anyone not love pizza? I mean, it’s understandable not to enjoy particular types of pizza, but the necessary combination of dough, cheese, and marinara sauce is nearly impossible to pass up. That counts for superheroes too, particularly needy, deranged ones with impulse issues.

4. Tacos Are Everything


Toy goals. Photo: Marvel / Hasbro

You know the taco truck craze is legitimate when it hits comic books. You know it’s a bonafide cultural movement when toys come in taco containers enclosed in a taco truck-shaped box. This limited edition box was only available to the attendance of 2013’s San Diego Comic Con. Delicious.

5. He’s An Emotional Eater


He gets his binge on with superhero force. Photo: Marvel Comics

Sweet or savory? Sometimes the answer doesn’t matter. Sometimes you just need all of it in your mouth at once. Donuts, pork rinds, soda – we’ve all been there. Superheroes have the burden of the world on their shoulders, and with great responsibility, comes great bingeing.

6. He’s Picky About Certain Foods


Deadpool echoes your “EWWW PICKLES” sentiment with great fervor. What a guy. Photo: Marvel Comics

Pickles on hamburgers are a point of contention for a lot of discerning burger fans. Not everyone wants to bite in and discover a crunchy, savory morsel hidden in their pile of beef, buns, and various condiments. Certainly not Deadpool.

7. Fans Love His Obsessions As Much As He Does


Wouldn’t you want to make fan food to celebrate this picture?! Photo: 20th Century Fox/Marvel

Sometimes the best way to share the love is to reciprocate. Fans are passionate about Deadpool’s love of food almost as much as Deadpool himself. From t-shirts to cakes to crafting their very own chimichangas, Deadpool fans are happy to share their love of Deadpool’s foodie obsessions.