7 Magical Breakfast Burritos That Actually Exist

For busy folks on the go, there is no better way to get your breakfast fix of eggs, potatoes, meat and other fixings than in an easy traveling tortilla.

Breakfast burritos seem to be everywhere these days, and it makes sense. For busy folks on the go, there is no better way to get your breakfast fix of eggs, potatoes, meat and other fixings than in an easy traveling tortilla. While they may seem very “of the moment,” breakfast burritos have been around since 1975.

And while this is a popular breakfast fixture on many fast food menus, those glorious local spots are serving up the best splurge-worthy burritos in the U.S. We’ve scoured the nation to find the most delicious variety of tortilla-wrapped eggs and things, and here are seven worth recommending.

1. “Breakfast Burrito” // Orlando’s Café // Hampton Bay, NY


HOLY. GUACAMOLE. I bow down. Photo: @feastsnitch / Instagram

We have an obsession with runny eggs – not only are they gorgeous to look at, but even better to eat! This local shop serves up Costa Rican cuisine in Hampton Bay, and their version of a breakfast burrito involves beautiful runny yolks!

This massive morning meal includes eggs, guacamole, black beans, and loads of flavorful pico de gallo! We’d be impressed if you can get through this burrito without using an entire stack of napkins.

2. “Breakfast Steak Burrito” // Chomp Eatery // Santa Monica, CA


Healthy AND hangover-friendly. Photo: @foodiewidabooty / Instagram

While there are plenty of healthy options at Chomp, we highly recommend this mound of eggs and steak for breakfast. They took an average ol’ burrito and stuffed it full of the good stuff like marinated steak, fluffy scrambled eggs, tater tots, cheese, and salsa—and tucked it all into a gourmet tortilla blanket. Somebody send an Uber because we are going to be rolling out of this restaurant afterward!

3. “Lobster Breakfast Burrito” // Slapfish // Los Angeles, CA


How somebody was able to hold this up with one hand is beyond me. Photo: @slapfish / Instagram

Cue the salvation. Slapfish, a modern seafood restaurant out of LA, just kicked breakfast up a thousand notches by adding fresh, succulent lobster to their burrito. That’s right, we’ve found your lobster! This isn’t your average hole-in-the-wall burrito joint – they’re careful to choose sustainable lobster before loading into a fresh tortilla with eggs, spinach, potatoes, and lots of house-made sauce. This one will be on our minds for a while.

4. “Walk of Shame Burrito” // Ted’s Bulletin // Washington D.C.


I don’t know where this burrito ends, and I begin. Photo: @tedsbulletin / Instagram

“Yes, it’s all in here,” is what the menu says and it’s not wrong. This burrito comes loaded with all the usual suspects, topped with a hefty dose of salsa and avocado, and located smack-dab next to a side of hash browns so luscious they’d make your grandma blush. They serve breakfast all night, so after a long night out the only thing you’ll leave here feeling shameful about is not ordering two!

5. “Smothered Breakfast Burrito” // Steuben’s Food Service // Denver, CO


I want to go swimming with this burrito. Photo: @shannonsturgis / Instagram

This breakfast burrito took a significant dip in a pool full of pork green chili, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. This oversized monstrosity comes loaded with chorizo, potato, green chiles, and onions before it’s smothered in pork green chili and topped with more cheese, sour cream, and chives. It’s magic in your mouth; we assure you.

6. “Breakfast Burrito Christmas Style” // Tia Sophia’s // Santa Fe, NM


Make it Christmas err’y. darn. day. Photo: @tktraverse / Instagram

If you’re going to get a breakfast burrito, you may as well go to its self-proclaimed birthplace, Tia Sophia’s. You’ll need to grab your knife and fork for this one! Here they layer crispy bacon onto a pile of potatoes and top it with pillowy scrambled eggs. Then they add another layer of cheese and wrap the whole thing carefully in a fresh tortilla.

Before they serve it, they douse the burrito in sauces. Mmm. We recommend ordering Christmas Style, which is one part red sauce, one part green sauce, and just enough to heat to cut through all those carbs!

7. “Breakfast Burrito” // Refuel Café // New Orleans, LA


Can’t even (but can and will). Photo: @spoon_tulane / Instagram

A perfectly good breakfast burrito can suffer greatly if carelessly wrapped in a store-bought tortilla. That’s why the New Orleans eatery Refuel Café makes our list: they wrap their burritos in a tomato-basil tortilla that packs an incredibly fresh flavor into every bite.

Scrambled eggs, potatoes, melty cheddar, and your choice of ham, sausage, or bacon live in harmony within a bright red tomato-basil home that’s served up just in time to make you forget about those questionable dance moves last night!