7 More Things You May Not Know About Pomegranates

Pomegranates have a long-standing reputation as a superfood.

Pomegranates have a long-standing reputation as a superfood. So much so, the juice drink Pom Wonderful sponsors the reality competition series American Ninja Warrior. If pomegranates are supposed to bring good luck in the new year, and ninja warriors drink them, it must be truly exceptional. But don’t just take our word at face value. Read on.

1. Pomegranates May Be The Original Forbidden Fruit


Not apples. Who knows? We may never know. Photo: Lucas Cranach the Ender / Wikipedia.com

While the apple is widely held to be the fruit Adam plucked from the tree of knowledge that fateful day, others believe it was the pomegranate, native to the region.

2. You Can Thank Latin for The “Tree of Knowledge” Error


The original Lost in Translation. Photo: Coniferconifer / Flickr

One reason we may think of an apple as the original forbidden fruit might be because the Latin translation for pomegranate is “apple with many seeds.” Over the course of a few translations, it lost the “many seeds” part and became just “apple.”

3. Grenadine Was Once Made of Pomegranate


Quick history lesson. Photo: Woodleywonderworks / Flickr

Grenadine today is mostly just sugar syrup, but that wasn’t always the case. Follow us a moment.

Pomegranates were once called “The Apple of Grenada.” Grenada is a city in Spain named after the Spanish word for pomegranate, granada. Hence, grenadine is named after Grenada, which gets its name from pomegranates.

4. Pomegranates Have A Hand in War


Everything is fair in love and war. Photo: Jean-Louis Dubois / wikipedia.com

The word “grenade” is based on the French word pomme-grenade which means “hand grenade.” That’s no coincidence.

Grenades were designed with pomegranates in mind. Inside a grenade are tiny pellets of shrapnel that look similar to the seeds held within the delicious fruit.

5. Don’t Judge Pomegranates By Their Size


Size isn’t everything… we’ve heard. Photo: Mandy Goldberg / Flickr

Just because one pomegranate is larger than another doesn’t mean there are more seeds inside. Most pomegranates pack anywhere from 600 to 800+ seeds.

6. Ripe Pomegranates Make A Surprisingly Unusual Sound


It is an avid hardcore metal listener. Photo: Samantha Forsberg /Flickr

How do you know when a pomegranate is ready to eat? When you tap one, it should make a tin-like, metallic sound. If so, dive in.

7. Pomegranates Give Spinach A Run For Their Money


Popeye would have a hard time spelling pomegranate. Photo: Mike Mozart / Flickr

Unfortunately for Popeye, canned pomegranate just doesn’t keep as well as spinach, though both qualify as superfoods.

Beyond coming packed with vitamins C, K, folate, and fiber, pomegranates also pack three types of antioxidant polyphenols that kill free radicals, which help prevent cancer and keep your body healthy.