7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Popcorn

With January 19 being National Popcorn Day, grab yourself a bowl of your favorite popped corn to celebrate this glorious snack.

The smell of hot, freshly popped popcorn is one of beauty. The aroma when walking into a cinema or any establishment selling popcorn evokes a warm feeling within.

Seemingly, this light, air filled snack is devoured in a matter of minutes, often barely lasting through the trailers.

With January 19 being National Popcorn Day, grab yourself a bowl of your favorite popped corn to celebrate this glorious snack.

1. There Are Two Kinds Of Popcorn Shapes - Butterfly & Mushroom Ball


Behold: the majestic butterfly popcorn. Photo: @robroni / Instagram

The bigger kernels produce, the larger and more attractive butterfly flake that you see at the movie theater or what you buy to pop at home while the smaller mushroom ball like flake lends itself to caramel corn as it isn’t as likely to crumble during the flavoring process.

__2. Popcorn Bursts Thanks To Moisture Turning Into Steam __


Just a little bit of moisture and… KABLAM-O! Photo: Pixtabay

The secret is in the kernel. To get to the fluffy, delicious edible part, you must heat the kernel, which turns the moisture within into steam. When the outer shell has reached its pressure point it bursts, releasing the soft inner flake, what we know as popcorn.

3. GMO Popcorn Does Not Exist


Fantastic news! More popcorn for all!! Photo: Pixtabay

While approximately 90% of the corn grown in the U.S. is genetically modified, the popcorn variety of maize has remained untouched. There is currently no genetically modified popcorn available on the market, but that’s not to say the oils or other additives used weren’t modified.

4. The Popcorn Machine Debuted in 1893


Whatever did pedestrians do for snacks before then?! Photo: Garry Knight / Flickr

In 1893, Charles Cretors created the first popcorn machine and took his wagon to the Midway of Chicago’s Columbian Exposition to introduce the new corn product to the public.

The wagon also roasted peanuts and coffee, but the smell of hot buttered corn popping in its seasoning attracted eyes and buyers. Cretors still manufacture commercial popcorn machines to this day.

5. Popcorn Soup Is Indeed A Thing


What kind of Willy Wonka wizardry IS this?! Photo: @fannisupenda / Instagram

While some soup recipes call for popcorn sprinklings on top as a garnish or used in place of crackers, America’s Dairyland – Wisconsin followed suit with beer, cheese and popcorn soup as a state delicacy.

6. 85% Of Movie Theater Profits Are From Concession Sales, Much Of Which Is Popcorn


Are you surprised? Photo: @chocolatemoosey / Instagram

In the 1920s when movie palaces rose to prominence, owners feared that audiences would toss popcorn and peanuts on their luxurious crimson carpets.

Popcorn was originally only sold outside venues, however, when sound came to movies, and audiences grew, owners embraced the sales.

During the Great Depression, the low cost and high profits of popcorn became attractive and still continues today.

7. Popcornopolis Sells 22 Flavors Of Popcorn


Gotta try them all! Photo: Clotee Allochuku / Flickr

Popcornopolis, one of the larger popcorn producing companies, has 22 flavors, ranging from cinnamon to smoked paprika and everything in-between.

Popcorn provides the perfect canvas for your sweet and salty cravings. So what is your favorite popcorn style? Do you prefer savory – plain, butter, or salted, or would you rather take sweet, such as caramel or kettle corn?