7 Of The Most Unbelievable Cruiseship Features

Cruise ships give passengers the opportunity to eat well, relax and be one with the ocean, but there are ships that take your trip to the next level and feature unforgettable experiences.

Cruise ships give passengers the opportunity to eat well, relax and be one with the ocean, but there are ships that take your trip to the next level and feature unforgettable experiences.

If you want to take a memorable trip with full-fledged musicals and bars as cold as your freezer, then you’ll want to check out these seven unbelievable cruise ship features:

Disney Wonder Cruise Line: Musicals


All the joy of Disney without the lines! Photo: Denise Cross Photography

It’s not unusual to find live entertainment on a cruise, but Disney’s Wonder Cruise goes out of its way to put together Broadway-quality musicals. Their Walt Disney Theater seats a whopping 977 guests and features Disney classics on stage, such as Toy Story: The Musical, and Tangled: The Musical. The cruise usually runs three musicals at a time. In comparison, Disneyland and Walt Disney World only run one musical per theme park.

Norwegian Breakaway Cruise Line: Free Fall Water Slide


Water wedgie not included. Photo: David Shankbone

While many cruise ships have water slides hanging out on the deck, Norwegian Cruise Line claims to be the fastest of them all. They lock you in a tube and drop the floor from under you while you fall at about 25 mph. If you’re in the need for speed, then this is the cruise ship for you.

Cunard’s Queen Mary 2: Planetarium


Maybe there is a galaxy far, far away. Photo: Bob Familiar

The Queen Mary 2 might sound like a cheesy sequel, but don’t underestimate its entertainment. It is the only ship that comes equipped with its own planetarium where guests can look up at the stars and learn a bit of astronomy. If the galaxy isn’t your thing, no worries - this cruise also has a casino and enough food and drinks to make you feel like you’re seeing stars when you make it back to your room.

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of The Seas: Robot Bartenders


If the words “robot bartender” don’t excite you, you may not be human. Photo: mrgarethm

If you’re afraid of a robot revolution, this might leave you uneasy, but it is pretty cool to have some artificial intelligence mix your drink for you. To add a human-like element to them, most robot bartenders have been trained to make you think they are enjoying your flirting, only to reject your advances at the end of the night.

Norwegian Epic: Ice Bar


Chill out and have a drink. Photo: Benjamin Horn

If you like your drinks ice cold, you might be able to appreciate a bar made entirely of ice. Do not forget your sweater as this bar hovers at a very cool 17 degrees Fahrenheit and has LED lights that mimic an effect similar to the Northern Lights.

Carnival Vista: Full brewery


Beer lovers, rejoice! Proof that variety indeed is the spice of life. Photo: James Lee

Beer connoisseurs will be thrilled to hear that the newest Carnival Vista ship will cut out the middleman and be the first North American ship to feature a working, on-board brewery in 2016. The ship will have in-house beer-makers brewing up three of its own line of beers from scratch, and you’ll actually be able to watch the process from behind a glass wall. Overall, this cruise has been best described in five words: Homer Simpson’s dream come true.

Princess Cruises: The Voice of the Ocean


All those hours spent singing in the shower can finally be put to use. Photo: Luis Hernandez

Now you don’t just have to watch reality singing show The Voice. In 2016, Princess Cruises will give you a chance to showcase your voice on its ship. Guests can compete against each other with a panel of three judges and an audience vote. There can only be one winner, but the possible public embarrassment is worth it all.