7 Proven Food Photo Hacks To Get More Likes And Shares On Social Media

If you’re firmly on the bandwagon for whatever social media platforms you find yourself attached to, then you know that getting likes, shares, and views are the new social currency.

In this day and age, social media is everything. If you’re firmly on the bandwagon for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and whatever other platforms you find yourself attached to, then you know that getting likes, shares, and views are the new social currency. You also know that there are certain tricks to nabbing those coveted likes, shares, and snaps.

But if you need a refresher, here are seven hard and fast stats to help you keep up on your social media game.

1. Take Photos of Breakfast or Lunch Rather Than Dinner


The perfect lighting will highlight that perfectly golden bun perfectly. Image: @everywherein2days / Instagram

This isn’t just because breakfast and lunch have the most fun spreads (no disrespect to dinner) but it actually comes back to lighting. Natural light is the key to the best Instagram pics – most pictures backed with artificial lighting tend to flop.

Photographer Daniel Krieger reports that restaurants were more likely to rely on natural light in the morning and midday. So, to get that ideal natural light, try only taking food pictures of daytime meals … sorry, dinner.

2. Add in Blue Tones


Yeah, this is less than appetizing. Image: @foodbeast / Instagram

A recent study found that orange and red-tinted pictures receive the least amount of likes, but blue hued photographs get 24% more likes on average.


Now we’re talking! Image: @foodbeast / Instagram

This preference could be because of the soothing, and, therefore, appealing, connection we subconsciously make with the color blue. Ocean and sky Instas? Guaranteed winners.

3. Keep the Narratives Short


“So yeah, this whole thing went in my mouth. End of story.” Image: @shapetjathlete / Instagram

We are constantly bombarded with ads and content all day long. Sadly, it’s been proven that our attention spans grow shorter and shorter as the years go on.

It makes sense then that posts with fewer than 100 characters receive 60% higher engagement rates, meaning that you’re 60% more likely to get an increase in likes and shares on Facebook if you keep it short and sweet.

4. Take Food Photos 3 Feet From the Plate


Seems about 3 feet away to me. Image: @foodbeast / Instagram

When you’re at a fabulous restaurant and you want the world to know you just got served the most beautiful looking plate you’ve ever seen, there’s a proper way to take that picture.

To get the best shot and the most likes possible, snap your photo from at least 3 feet directly above the plate. This way, you can achieve a wider aerial view of everything going on in your lovely spread and get the best natural lighting.

5. Know When It’s Best to Post on Social Media


Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Image: @sabru29 / Instagram

For Facebook, specifically, there are particular times when activity increases and engagement is through the roof. For weekdays, 7 to 8 p.m. are prime times. As far as non-peak times go, research has also found that shares and likes went up 25% for posts published at 11 p.m.

Overall, the most shares, likes, and general engagements on social media happen on Sundays.

6. Don’t Over-Edit Your Selfies


So this guy may require a filter or two. Image:

Photos of your face are 30% more likely to get liked, so keep rocking on the selfies. But your chances of getting additional likes double if you don’t go too crazy on the edits.

Use an editing tool like Squaready to blur pimples and make minor edits, but don’t go changing how you look – you’re lovely the way you are.

7. Use Double Filters for the Most Snapchat Views


You want people to find you and go “omg, where can I eat that?” — like I did with this shot. Image: @shirley.gondo / Instagram

To get 20% more views on your snaps, use both a photo filter and a geotag. You might not think this is possible (I didn’t), but you can choose a filter by swiping to the one you would like (as usual), then holding down your finger on the screen and swiping over to select the second filter or geotag. Doing this will take your snap game to the next level. Good luck.