7 Thrill-Seeking Date Ideas Guaranteed To Win Valentine's Day

So, you’ve found someone you think is tops: sophisticated, unique, beautiful, charming, but with a strong desire for adventure.

So, you’ve found someone you think is tops: sophisticated, unique, beautiful, charming, but with a strong desire for adventure.

You know that just any old date will not cut it if you want to impress this particular lad or lady.

Well, this list compiles some of the most exciting, romantic and possibly crazy ideas for showing a little affection in a way that will knock someone’s socks off.

And just in time for Valentine’s Day – imagine that!

1. Dinner In The Sky


“This isn’t what I thought you meant when you asked if I wanted to get high during dinner.” Photo:

Imagine having a romantic dinner party with fantastic food, and plenty of alcohol – all while suspended 150 feet above some of the world’s most beautiful cities.

A giant crane lifts guests into the air strapped to a large circular canopied table while chefs and servers safe inside offer you a wonderful meal.

This unique service is available in 45 countries throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride


Sure, it’s been done, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. Photo: @humanandnature365 / Instagram

Cliche? Perhaps. But when have you ever heard of someone seriously renting a hot air balloon and taking to the majestic sky? Only in the movies, you say? Not true.

Chartered rides are available in warmer climates, and prices go up as the number of guests go down. If you are ok in a group of 10-15, expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars. Want to keep it private? Be ready to pay significantly more.

3. Helicopter Tours


Hard to go wrong with a view like this. Photo: @greenbenchtv / Instagram

Clearly the sky isn’t the limit when it comes to high concept dates. Being in the air will always be super exciting (or terrifying, depending on who you ask) and if being suspended by a crane or at the mercy of helium isn’t your thing, why not take a helicopter tour?

Most major cities offer helicopter tours. Here in Los Angeles, it’s about $275 an hour, leaving plenty of time for stuff to do on terra firma afterwards.

4. Sky Diving


In case defying death is your thing. Photo: @jokkesommer / Instagram

If being in the sky isn’t your thing, the fastest way down is just jumping out of a plane. Ah, we kid.

There isn’t much out there that can get the endorphins pumping quite like skydiving. While it may sound crazy, statistically, you are in more danger on the drive there than in free fall. And if you can make it through the pages of liability waivers together, you can get through anything.

5. Zip Lines


For when it’s time to introduce ‘trust’ to the relationship. Photo: @redmiracletea / Instagram

Do you like the idea of being off the ground, but not that far off the ground? Zip lines are an exciting way to tour both cityscapes and forest dwellings while remaining somewhat grounded.

Prices vary depending on where you go, but compared to other offerings on this list; it’s probably your greatest bang for your buck.

6. Racing School


Adrenaline does get the heart racing. Photo: @simraceway / Instagram

If you prefer to get your blood pumping while firmly grounded, racing schools are a nontraditional activity sure to please any thrill-seeker.

What’s great about racing schools is that no matter what type of speed you are into – be it NASCAR, rally racing, F1, or even drifting – there are schools or instructors available for the novice speed freak in your life. To fast? Try Go Karts instead.

7. Swim With Sharks


“Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle.” Photo: @elizabethkoehler / Instagram

Obviously, you are limited by proximity to the ocean and, depending on where in the world you live, which sharks you’ll see. Surprisingly there are a lot of options here.

Want a relaxing swim with the largest fish in the sea? Whale shark tours are available from the Philippines to Belize. Are you looking to stare death in the face? Then cage dive with Great Whites! Australia may be your best bet this time of year.