7 Truly Strange Celebrity Diets

Celebrities achieve their enviable bodies by any method that works—and they’re not afraid to completely forgo nutritional value or 99% of the food pyramid.

The detailed breakdown of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s eating habits apparently shocked the world, but it surprised us zero. The world’s most hard-bodied couple has an insanely restrictive and specialized eating plan, meticulously prepared by a professional chef who is super-attuned to their physical standards. Okay. Of course, they do. At least, it seems to be governed by some nutritional rules.

Other celebrities out there achieve their enviable bodies by any method that works—and they’re not afraid to completely forgo nutritional value or 99% of the food pyramid.

We’ve rounded up this list to remind you that Tom and Gis are normal by celebrity standards. And to remind you that the road to a size 2 is never easy.

1. The OTHER Victoria’s Secret Diet


Don’t lie to us, Adriana! It’s so cruel! Photo: @adrianalima / Instagram

Adriana Lima’s pre-show slim-down method doesn’t sound any more enjoyable than Gisele’s, but at least, she only follows it for nine days leading up to her turn on the VS catwalk. The leggy Brazilian lives on protein shakes, supplements and vitamins only, according to a Cosmopolitan report – and for the 12 hours before a show, she won’t even drink water.

2. The Camp Mars Diet


Is it like 24/7 popcorn? Because I could do that. Photo: @jaredleto / Instagram

Served to attendees of Jared Leto’s Camp Mars last year in Malibu, this meal plan is based on the one Mariko Amekodommo (“The Pink Hair Chef”) created for Leto when he needed to gain 25 pounds of pure muscle for Suicide Squad. This plan must have been a challenge, as Leto is one of the most dedicated celeb members of #TeamVegan.

However, Chef Mariko did introduce a few organic animal products into the plan. She describes it as 90% raw vegan, with minimal organic animal products, healthy oils, and sugars – all sustainable. The Camp Mars menu looks not just do-able, but delicious. Sample lunch includes miso glazed wild salmon, edamame noodles, and seared vegetables.

3. The Taco Cleanse


Tell me more about this intriguing—and very real sounding—health breakthrough. Photo: @tacocleanse / Instagram

Jennifer Aniston once again proved that she’s America’s Sweetheart by making headlines with this taco-based diet recently. #BESTDIETEVER right? Except it’s a vegan diet that cuts out most carbs by relying on tortilla-based wraps.

There’s still a lot of reasons to love this plan, though: 1. It allows drinks, specifically margaritas. 2. It allows refried beans. 3. The authors/creators understand the ridiculousness of fad cleanses, and The Taco Cleanse cookbook pokes fun at it, while also delivering delicious vegan taco recipes.

4. The Soup Cleanse


Sounds doable, but I’d take tacos over soup. Photo @soupelinala / Instagram

While Elina “Soupelina” Fuhrman offers 3-day and 5-day soup cleanse plans, she doesn’t suggest that her all-natural vegan soups are a 5-day miracle fix. She’s more of a proponent of sticking with an organic, plant-based diet long-term.

Famous Hollywood stars like LeAnn Rimes have gone public to praise Soupelina, making us wonder if souping really might replace juicing as the new liquid “It” diet. If so, it’ll probably happen after Soupelina’s Soup Cleanse cookbook hits shelves this spring,

5. The Cookie Diet


The upside: cookies all day. The downside: you’re taking advice from Snooki. Photo: @snookinic / Instagram

Of course, Snooki was the celeb to claim public allegiance to The Cookie Diet. Both for the ridiculousness and the rhyme, it made perfect sense. But did it work?

The diet plan, which requires you to eat only six pre-packaged cookies throughout the day and then a low-carb “real” dinner, got its 15 minutes of fame back when Snooki was getting hers, but buzz quickly died down, and there don’t seem to be many long-term proponents of it.

6. The Master Cleanse


Beyonce just loves that lemon water! Photo: @beyonce / Instagram

Demi Moore, Beyonce, and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few of the A-listers who have been loud and proud master cleansers. It’s a juice fast that doesn’t even allow actual juice—just a beverage made of lemon, water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Also, all-you-can-drink water! Salt water in the morning, if you like. And a diuretic tea as a nightcap.

That is all you’re allowed for 3, 5, sometimes eight days – so simple, yet so close to complete starvation. If you’re in LA, there are always a few acquaintances not only cleansing but swearing it makes them feel, like, so awesome. So pure, so energized, so radiant. Except some people feel sluggish, constantly chilly, headachy and hungry AF.

Still, according to consensus, your skin will probably look better if you get through it, as a result of clearing your system of toxins. And the pounds drop off, of course.

7. The Bodhimaya Cleanse


This does seem like the kind of place Kim Kardashian would hang. Photo: @thehealthy_hedonist / Instagram

While the founder/creators of this super A-list bespoke diet plan refuse to comment even to the press on celebrity clientele, one Kim Kardashian was spotted heading into the Bodhimaya chateau retreat two autumns ago. In this super-luxe setting, clients undergo the BodhiGen Genetic Analysis, functional testing, and extensive consultation.

This testing might look into anything from digestive analysis to neurotransmitters. They then receive a customized “health optimization analysis” customized to their unique genetic data.

Then, the cleanse starts—typically, with three days of juices by day and soups at night. Food gets reintroduced on the fourth day. The key to this diet plan, however, is not how restrictive it is or how long it lasts. It is that it’s totally individualized, based on scientific testing.

“One-size-fits-all diets are a thing of the past, as everyone is different and has different needs,” says co-founder Cornelius O’Shaughnessy, which makes sense. If only everyone had a Kardashian-sized bank account to fund it.