7 Ways Truffle Oil Makes Everything Better

With rare exception, truffle oil makes standard mashed potatoes, magical, and ordinary French fries, fantastic.

Real truffles are an expensive seasonal delicacy reserved for special occasions. Truffle oil, on the other hand, is modern magic – an oil that mimics the smell and taste – but costs substantially less (usually because they contain roughly 0% real truffle). It’s the ultimate cheat.

And that’s why people buy it. With rare exception, truffle oil makes standard mashed potatoes, magical, and ordinary French fries, fantastic. For awhile it was being poured over nearly everything, but now that the dust has settled, it’s time to enjoy it at your pace.

So here are seven ways to toss truffle oil on, in, and over your many hearts delights.

1. Kicks Any Carbohydrate Up 100 Notches


YEP. Photo: @arpita _mehta / Instagram

Drizzle truffle oil on pizza, fries, pasta, risotto, or mac and cheese. If it’s starchy, you can make it better with truffle oil. The rich, pungent flavor kicks everything up, like, 100 notches. You’ll go from free-time chef to local legend. Make it a habit and you’ll get bumped up to a demigod.

2. Brings A Drastic Change To Dreary Dressings


Even the most boring foods are better with truffle! Photo: @eatwithfukky / Instagram

Get classy with truffle oil by stirring up trouble with olive oil, dijon mustard, and vinegar. Add salt and pepper for sassiness accordingly. Or just add a splash to any store bought variety. Regardless, adding it to any salad will likely make you the talk of the town.

__3. Makes Your Eggs, Egg-cellent __


Class up that brunch, ya’ll! Photo: @whitney_0066 / Instagram

Sure, a hefty portion of your kitchen intellect begs you to use actual truffles with omelets and scrambled eggs, but you’re not made of money. In fact, nobody’s made of money. That phrase doesn’t even make sense. Just use truffle oil and the only one that’ll notice a difference is your wallet.

4. Let’s Vegetables Take Center Stage


Finally, veggies get some likes. Photo: @thetruffleist / Instagram

Unless you’re in the company of some wildly healthy folk, vegetables are reserved for sides. But they don’t have to be and certainly shouldn’t be if you plan to live forever.

Put them center stage and feel your best by treating vegetables divine with truffle oil. Grill them all up - cauliflower, corn, squash, yams, asparagus. It’s time to live.

5. Makes Snacks Worth Savoring


The only downside is you won’t be able to stop eating. Photo: @ironhorsevyds / Instagram

Snacks tend to get eaten and then quickly forgotten. Why not make something you’ll not only remember, but savor? Class up your popcorn or potato chips with drops of truffle oil and straight up blow minds. I bet hot sauce wouldn’t hurt along side too. Seriously, just go for it.

6. Doubles Your Fungi Fun


Truffle polenta: always a good idea. Photo: @christinascooking1 / Instagram

Any fungi-focused dish, from soup to polenta, can be entirely bettered by truffle oil. You know what else improves with truffle oil? Truffles. Whether Summer or Burgundy, them mild outings, can freak on flavor if you oil them up, so they’re like a high-flying’ winter truffle.

7. Substitute Truffle Oil For Most Olive Oil Hacks


It certainly LOOKS like olive oil… Photo: @thetruffleist / Instagram

Truffle oil is essentially olive oil with added organic compounds like 2,4-Dithiapentane. The difference between the two oils comes from the smell, taste, and purpose (truffle oil is intended for finishing dishes rather than for cooking them).

By logic, this means you can totally hack truffle oil for removing makeup or dirt, fixing a squeaky hinge, greasing up a stuck zipper, and more like you could with olive oil.