8 Amazing Chain Restaurant Social Media Accounts

The following eight restaurant chains know how to make fun of themselves, collaborate, and put on a creative persona that stretches far beyond the run-of-the-mill status.

Let’s face it, we’re an ADD society with control issues. It takes more than a jingle to keep our interest. We require visual stimulation and content that will encourage us to ‘share’ rather than simply ‘like’ a brand.

The following eight restaurant chains know how to make fun of themselves, collaborate, and put on a creative persona that stretches far beyond the run-of-the-mill status.

1. Del Taco on Vine


Chicken hypnosis—genius. Photo: @DelTaco / Vine

Props to the only fast food joint utilizing Vine. It’s quick, animated, and about the food. They know society has a short attention span, and they capitalize on that. The Del Scorcho crew plays to a younger set, and it fits into our busy lives when we’re preoccupied with other accounts to obsess over.

2. KFC on Twitter


Oh Norm Macdonald, I mean Colonel Sanders, you slay me. Photo: @KFC / Twitter

Embracing pop-culture, KFC tweets to dudes like Austin Mahone. The Colonel himself even “drove” cross-country – en route to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade – stopping at scenic destinations in need of drumsticks. KFC doesn’t skimp out on celebrating Hanukkah either – menorah and all.

3. Burger King on Tumblr


All the hip kids are totes ROTFL. Photo:

The King pleasantly surprises us with his Tumblr-ing wit. Slightly obsessed over chicken fries, it’s an entertaining mix of animated GIFs, straightforward photography, and funny dialogue. Don’t knock it ‘til you check them out.

4. Starbucks on Twitter


Starbucks’ interpretation of latte art. Photo: @starbucks / Twitter

Damn, hipster Starbucks knows what’s up. Experts at changing up their Twitter feed, they make it pretty, but not too pretty. You kill us softly, Starbucks. Now make me my Venti Frap.

5. Sonic Drive-In on Instagram


Van Gogh would be proud—or upset; we’re not sure. Photo: @sonicdrivein / Instagram

Taking the idea of playing with food quite literally, Sonic’s Insta-styling is right on-trend with adult coloring books. It probably helps that they have rainbow hues of slushies and tasty candy bits at their disposal.

6. Denny’s on Twitter


Dad humor goes a long way on Twitter. Photo: @DennysDiner / Twitter

Denny’s is firing on all social media cylinders, but their Twitter feed takes the syrupy pancake. It’s genius! Random thoughts. Current ideas. Funny—and terribly punny—it is careful never to cross over into NSFW territory. The unexpected originality and consistency make for a real “Grand Slam.”

7. Shake Shack on Pinterest


This page is a lot to take in. Photo:

Surprised? With 20 stocked boards referencing style, places, and pets they love, you almost forget it’s a brand page and not some East Coast millennial you want to befriend from the internet. It’s an eclectic meeting of the minds where there’s something for everyone. Photos range from silly to extremely stylized. Then again, some might consider Shake Shack’s Pinterest to be sensory overload. The fact that they serve beer helps.

8. Applebee’s on Instagram


Nice frame job? Photo: @applebees / Instagram

How to do all of the work and none of the work at the same time? Get your followers to be #Fantographers. Applebee’s Instagram account is driven almost entirely by their fan base. Diners submit their snaps and the powers that be decide which ones are featured. It results in bragging rights for customers and an updated social media account for one evil genius, fast casual restaurant.