8 Mind-Blowing Ways To Upgrade Your PB&J

For those hardcore PB&J lovers, prepare to salivate over these 8 unbelievably epic upgrades to your PB&J.

Let’s get this out of the way first – peanut butter and jelly or, as it’s fondly known, “PB&J,” is a meal staple not just for kids.

PB&J’s are the perfect meal for lazy college kids, broke twenty-somethings and exhausted parents everywhere, and you all know it’s true. Thankfully those two simple ingredients open up a world of options.

For those hardcore PB&J lovers, prepare to salivate over these 8 unbelievably epic upgrades to your PB&J.

1. Peanut Butter Cookies & Strawberry Jam


One will simply not be enough. Photo: @ilovebuttermilk / Instagram

How could a PB&J get better? Simple: by adding cookies. Replace your plain old bread for some warm, straight-from-the-oven cookies and you’ve got yourself one divine PB&J. (Extra points for peanut butter cookies.)

2. PB&J Bacon Sriracha Burger


Look closer. It’s all there. Photo: @grillemall / Instagram

…I know. As weird as it seems, this sandwich has been hailed as the ultimate mix of sweet, spicy and savory. A lot of passion goes into something with this much flavor. It’s like a clash of cultures, ideologies, and flavor profiles that somehow came together in perfect harmony.

3. PB&J French Toast Sandwich


You know you’ve made it when this shows up on your plate. Photo: @sugarcoatedcarter / Instagram

Is there anything more indulgent than two thick, sweet pieces of Texas French toast? Yes! Two pieces of thick, sweet Texas French toast sandwiching layers of creamy peanut butter and sweet jelly. Yum.

4. PB&J Waffle Sandwich


If you didn’t figure this out as a kid, I feel for you. Photo: @megan_fibiger / Instagram

To keep with the breakfast theme, try toasting two waffles or making them in your waffle iron using crispy (or soft - I won’t tell you how to cook your waffles) pieces of waffled goodness to make up the bread of your PB&J. Now that’s a good morning.

5. PB&J Chicken Wings


PB&J knows no boundaries. Photo: @marfyhoustoun / Instagram

We’re not joking around here. PB&J wings exist for, you know, those times you just can’t choose one or the other. Seriously, it sounds strange, but these savory/sweet wings are officially the best way to eat chicken. Prepare to wow everyone with this zinger.

6. PB&J S’mores


Camp will never be the same. Photo: gratefulgrahams / Instagram

The best part of summer and the best choice for any meal come together in one glorious union. You’re adding some warm, toasted fluff, sandwiching it between two crunchy graham crackers and adding chocolate. Enough said.

No fire pit? No worries, you can try this recipe in the microwave, too.

7. PB&J Muffins


So they’re, like, healthy, right? Photo: @minimalistbaker / Instagram

Not only are these muffins a little slice of PB&J heaven you can take on-the-go, but they’re also a vegan and gluten free option! Peanut butter and jelly for all, that’s what I always say. Get this amazing muffin recipe here.

8. Deep Fried PB&J


It almost looks like you could swim in this. Photo: @savvy_richroath / Instagram

So you probably saw this one coming. This epic PB&J has been made popular by fairs and carnivals - and for good reason. Decadently indulgent, this way to enjoy your favorite sandwich is not for the amateur PB&J chef, I’ll say that much.