8 Uncommon Food Delivery Services To Feed Your Lazy Butt

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or a meat tooth, here are eight unique food delivery services for your mail-order munchies.

It’s easier than ever to get great food delivered to your door with just a couple keystrokes of your smartphone.

These days services like UberEATS and others can deliver gourmet meals to your home in under an hour. It’s a good time to be alive.

But between such meals, it’s important to know that you can satisfy your next snack attack. That’s why mail delivery services are a such a godsend to people with increasing particular tastes.

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or a meat tooth, here are eight unique food delivery services for your mail-order munchies.

1. Farm to People


Artisanal snacks for your inner hipster. Photo: @farmtopeople / Instagram

Farm to People is the complete box for artisanal snackers. Jammed full of items including chocolates, curried meats, pickled veggies as well as jams, preserves, and even wine, this is a healthy nosher’s dream come true.

They are also just beginning to roll out farmers market fresh produce boxes as well. Prices start at $29.95 a month.

2. Try the World


Travel the globe through your stomach! Photo: @trytheworld / Instagram

Speaking of adventurous tastes, anyone with a sense of culinary wanderlust should check out Try the World. Every other month you’ll receive a celebrity chef-curated, artisanally produced box that includes snacks, sauces and even recipes from a new country—and starting at $33/box, it’s much cheaper than airfare.

3. MunchPak


Danger! Our snacks are delish! Photo: @munchpak / Instagram

If you’re looking for exotic snacks from around the world all in one box, allow me to introduce you to MunchPak. What’s best about MunchPak is it caters to any snacker.

You can choose between sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy and more. Mix them up if you want as well. With a few different sizes starting at $9.95 a month, you’ll feel like a globetrotting gourmet without having to worry about jet lag.

4. Skoshbox


Fun fact: ‘sukoshi’ means ‘small’ in Japanese. Photo: @skoshbox / Instagram

Say Konnichiwa to the most mind-blowing treats that Japan has to offer month after month. Not only are these treats completely kawaii but equally delicious. And starting at only $10 a month, you’ll stay on the cutting edge of flavor with items that look as sweet as they taste.

5. Forbidden Foods Club


Vintage sardines, oh my! Photo: @zingmailorder / Instagram

Of all our boxes on this list, this one is the edgiest. Their website says it best, “A monthly subscription to diet-busting, allergy-inducing, religious-lawbreaking foods,” with titles like “Kosher Katastrof” and “Lactose Intolerance.”

While the name is certainly catchy, this is ultimately for people who love to indulge, but charging $180 for a three-month subscription might be the most excessive part of the whole ordeal.

6. Taste Guru


Get the gluten-free section delivered straight to your door. Photo: @tasteguru / Instagram

If gluten-free is how you want to be, this is the box for you. Every box comes with a dozen or so sweet and savory offering that are all celiac safe and free of other unwanted ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup and trans fats. And, at $24.95 a month (including shipping), it’s also competitively priced when compared to other boxes.

7. Mantry


Man snacks, am I right? Photo: @mantry/ Instagram

For taste buds with serious testosterone, Mantry (appropriately) puts the “man” into your pantry. The $49 a month price tag might put some hair on your chest, but you can always console yourself by guzzling chipotle-lime peanuts, smoked sausage, barbecue sauce, and bourbon – you Adonis!

8. Root Beer of the Month Club


So. Much. Root beer! Photo: @therootbeerstore / Instagram

Looking for a new brew to wash down all these snacks? The Root Beer Store, which claims to have the world’s largest root beer selection, will send you either a six ($15.95) or twelve ($24.95) pack so you can taste a little sweet satisfaction every month.