8 Ways To Turn Boring Cereal Into Brilliant Snacks

In the world of cereal, you have the Peanut Butter Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and Lucky Charms on one side of the aisle, with the Corn Flakes, Cheerios and Grape Nuts of the world on the other. We can wager which side you prefer.

While you might be tempted to lean away from these less exciting (i.e., sugarless) cereals, you’d be surprised to find just what wonderful sweet and savory treats they yield. Why stop with Rice Krispies treats when there is a whole aisle of plain cereal waiting to get exploited?

So here are eight unusual ways to turn otherwise bland cereals into delicious recipes.

1. Kix Hot Chocolate Balls


How are s’mores SO good in every form? Photo: @kix_cereal / Instagram

Kix may be “Mom Approved” but, let’s face it, they tend to taste like the crunchy corn balls they are. Why not take this humdrum cereal and turn it into a ball of chocolatey, gooey, marshmallowy goodness with these amazing hot chocolate balls.

2. Corn Flakes French Toast


When Corn Flakes get fancy. Photo: @zieluos / Instagram

As breakfast goes, it’s hard to find anything blander than Corn Flakes. But it’s that generic crunch that allows this all too plain cereal to shine when paired with other items. As Corn Flake French toast it’s a breakfast inside a breakfast. Just coat your already delicious French toast batter in some Corn Flakes for an extra crunch.

3. Kale, Mozzarella and Grape Nut Frittatas


Let your eggs and cereal shack up. Photo: @post_grapenuts / Instagram

Here is one way to make a bitter leafy green and hard as a rock cereal taste great. When you think of Grape Nuts, the word “exciting” probably doesn’t come to mind. But with these kale and mozzarella frittatas, you’ve instantly got an on-the-go breakfast to get you excited! Who knew Grape Nuts had it in them?

4. Puppy Chow


A childhood classic. Photo: @_kaurinder / Instagram

Think of Chex, and other healthy cereals, as foundations for epic snacking (Chex Mix anyone?). So hopefully, we’re all aware of puppy chow, yes? If you’ve been living under a rock your whole life, puppy chow is chocolate and powdered sugar-coated Chex cereal taken to the extreme.

5. Cheerios Breakfast Bars


I guess you could remove the chocolate frosting for a “healthier” version. Photo: Kim / Flickr

General Mills makes their own, but where is the fun in that? This classic cereal lends its neutral flavor and hearty crunch to many recipes, including these DIY breakfast bars. Make them as you would Rice Krispie treats, and add whatever you’d like for the customized, on-the-go snack of your dreams.

6. Fruit, Yogurt and Chex Bowl


A glorious blend of like a million flavors. Photo: @thesweetenedpea / Instagram

Here is a treat that involves no baking whatsoever. If you’re healthier than the rest of us, Chex makes a fantastic low-fat addition to a healthy breakfast. Just mix some cereal with chopped up fruit and yogurt for a DIY parfait.

7. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars


I can’t even tell there are cheerios in this. Photo: @daninicolesilva / Instagram

Remember those healthy breakfast bars mentioned earlier? This monstrosity is like their evil twin. Any semblance of healthy just walked out the door. Cheerios make the perfect base for this dark chocolate and peanut butter bar, topped with a creamy drizzle of PB sauce.

8. Grape Nut Truffles


Trick your friends into eating Grape Nuts! Photo: @post_grapenuts / Instagram

Delicious, decadent truffles with a Grape Nut crunch? Sounds like a bad joke or some recipe read terribly wrong. But it’s no mistake — Grape Nuts bring a healthy crunch to these indulgent chocolate truffles. If only all healthy snacking could be this satisfying.