9 Creative Uses for Cold Cuts That Aren’t Sandwiches

When you think cold cuts, you probably imagine roast beef sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, salami sandwiches – do you see a trend?

Cold cuts are the unsung heroes of lunchtime. When you think cold cuts, you probably imagine roast beef sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, salami sandwiches – do you see a trend?

Cold cuts are synonymous with sandwiches, which makes sense – that’s their intended purpose of existence. But there is a bigger world out there for cold cuts.

On National Cold Cuts Day, check out nine recipes that will let you get creative with your sliced meat, even when you’ve run out of bread.

1. Cold Cut Quiche


Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Photo: @pullahiirenleivontanurkka / Instagram

Quiche has infinite possibilities. With a custard base and pastry shell, it’s safe to say you can add almost anything to quiche, and it would still be delicious. It’s no surprise that savory cold cuts like ham or turkey are a simple addition to your perfect morning slice.

2. Cold Cut Omelet


Everything’s better in an omelet. Photo: @desafio_da_fefa / Instagram

Like it’s cousin, the quiche, omelets open up a world of possibilities. While cheese and veggies tend to be the norm, if you’re craving an omelet and you’re in a rush, nothing is as quick – or tastes as good – as throwing in a few of your favorite slices.

3. Ham Calzones


Pizza in a pocket! Photo: @klanuzapark / Instagram

Are you missing a loaf? Fret not, there’s still a way to enjoy cold cuts wrapped in carbs without resorting to standard slices. Calzones are sandwiches upgraded to the extreme – baked dough surrounding melted cheese, sauce, veggies and cold cuts. My particular favorite is mozzarella and ham.

4. Prosciutto and Red Pepper Crisps


That’s some fancy red pepper spread! Photo: @don_lucas_paris / Instagram

If you’re a little bit fancier than everyone else, these prosciutto and red pepper crisps are for you. You might not have considered cured meats, but guess what? They’re a cold cut, too, right? Toss a generous amount of prosciutto and roast some red peppers on top of toasted bread slices for a very high-class treat.

5. Turkey Cold Cut Lasagna


Finally, a lasagna hack! Photo: @jjnyc21 / Instagram

If you prefer your lasagna with meat, you don’t always have to turn to ground beef or pork to get the job done. Layer your favorite cold cuts in between stacks of ricotta cheese, veggies, and pasta for an Italian spin on your favorite deli meats.

6. Ham and Pineapple Cream Cheese Rolls


You had me at ‘cheese roll.’ Photo: @ricardo_seagull / Instagram

Did you forget that ham and pineapple are a match made in heaven? Well, we’re here to remind you. To enjoy this crazy combo in a whole new way, try these ham and pineapple cream cheese rolls.

As the perfect party appetizer, just wrap slices of ham and pineapple inside a decadent cream cheese roll and use crackers to experience this creative cold cut creation.

7. Cold Cut Salad


Also known as an antipasto salad. Photo: @ihavesatansdildo / Instagram

If you lose the bread what’s left of the sandwich (meat, lettuce, tomato, onions, etc.) is essentially an un-tossed salad. So it would make sense to add cold cuts to any mixture for some added protein. Chef salad is particularly infamous for its strips of delicious ham.

8. Prosciutto Pizza


Genius! Photo: @ericaannfry / Instagram

It sounds fancier than bologna, but prosciutto is a deli meat of the most delicious variety. Baked, seasoned prosciutto on pizza is literally a dream come true.

9. Turkey Sushi


A bread-free delight. Photo: @calliandra1 / Instagram

Technically, this is a recipe for kids (turkey wrapped in small bread pieces), so we decided to bring you the grown-up version. Wrap some slices of turkey and crispy lettuce inside a seaweed wrap, then dip that bad boy in a mixture of spicy mustard and coconut aminos, but no shame if you want to stick to the kid’s version.