9 Epic Donuts To Give You All The Tasty Feels

Here is our list of nine epic donuts you can almost (almost) taste, that is guaranteed to give you all the feels.

Our obsession with donuts and #foodporn continues with this list of the most epic donuts! We scoured the country for the most delicious, belt-busting, sugar coma-inducing, donuts we could find! Sweet, salty and savory all made the list plus lots of collaborations that have resulted in some of the most indulgent sugar bombs ever!

Here is our list of nine epic donuts you can almost (almost) taste, that is guaranteed to give you all the feels.

1. Bacon Cheeseburger Stuffed Donut // PYT Burger, Philadelphia, PA


AND IT’S STUFFED OMG. Photo: @worldwide_webb / Instagram

As if the combination of bacon and cheese on a burger wasn’t legendary enough, the guys from PYT Burger went ahead and stuffed the delicious trifecta inside of a glazed donut. Then for an extra good measure they topped the whole thing with more crumbled bacon.

If melted, bacon, cheesy goodness isn’t enough to get you out of bed on a Saturday, we don’t know what is.

2. The Everything Donut // The Doughnut Project, Manhattan, NY


Everything you want for breakfast, in one. Photo: @klammy92 / Instagram

We’re sure you’ve had an everything bagel before. Topped with sesame seeds, pepitas, poppy seeds, along with roasted garlic and onions it’s the perfect savory breakfast for that indecisive morning eater. Now imagine that as a donut.

Take the savory crunch of those classic toppings and transport them onto a heavily iced, soft, chewy donut. Now, when it comes to whether you want a bagel or donut for breakfast, you have one less thing to consider.

3. Donut Taco // Donut Taco Palace, Austin, TX


Dead. Photo: @maximillianmenchaca / Instagram

Austin loves their breakfast tacos which are normally comprised of eggs, meat and cheese but the good people at Donut Taco Palace live up to their name. When you’re a donut shop that serves breakfast tacos, some cross-pollination was bound to happen. And when it did we all won a little with the donut taco.

Fluffy scrambled eggs, loads of cheese and salty sausage get piled into a flattened glazed donut form into a taco. God bless Texas!

4. Pizza Donut // DK’s Donuts, Santa Monica, CA


“When pizza’s on a [donut], you can eat pizza anytime!” Photo: @dksdonuts / Instagram

The hashtag says it all, #pizzaisbae. The Pizza Donut from DK’s Donuts is what late night dreams are made of. Good thing this place is open 24/7. Pizza and donuts are guaranteed Instagram gold but put together this could finally be the thing that breaks the internet!

Gooey mozzarella, plenty of pepperonis and the sweet glazed donut is something we could dive into anytime of day! The only thing that could make this better is a little is a side of ranch. There, we said it!

5. Banana Split Donut // Mojo Donuts, Hollywood, FL


Dead. Again. Photo: @mojodonuts24 / Instagram

If there were ever a time to eat dessert for breakfast, then this would be it! The ultimate sugar rush is what Mojo Donuts is serving up.

A glazed donut with white frosting and sprinkles filled with a banana, three kinds of soft serve, topped with chocolate drizzle and maraschino cherries is enough to make us want to hop on the next flight to sunny Florida!

6. Evil Elvis Donut // Hypnotic Donuts, Dallas, TX


Seriously, how many amazing things can you squeeze onto a donut?! Photo: @queen_fit78 / Instagram

There are plenty of Evil Elvis imitators out there, but we think this creation from Hypnotic Donut would be the King’s favorite. Yeast raised glazed donut slathered with peanut butter and topped with heart pounding loads of bacon, bananas and followed by some more sugary goodness in the form of honey for good measure. It’s enough to get us a moving and a shaking!

7. Hot Cocoa Donut // Legendary Donuts, Tacoma, WA


Challenge accepted. Photo: @simplywillb / Instagram

Our winter favorite in donut form! Thanks, we’ll take six, please. A glazed donut took a double dip into a chocolate bath and was then topped with mounds of fluffy marshmallow plus a few more then sprinkled with hot cocoa powder all to make the perfect hot cocoa donut from Legendary Donuts. If you ever wanted a chocolate sugar coma, here is your chance!

8. Oreo Nutella Stuffed Ponchik // Papillion International Bakery, Los Angeles, CA


It’s everything you love about everything you love. Photo: @sevakhakoyan / Instagram

We are pretty sure this is how diabeetus got discovered. The people over at Papillion International Bakery have sugarized a traditional ponchick or Armenian donut but stuffing it with an entire Oreo encapsulated by ooey gooey warm Nutella.

The whole thing is fried to puffy perfection and covered with powdered sugar. Pass the napkins, this could get messy!

9. 24-karat Gold Cristal Ube Donut // Manila Social Club, Williamsburg, NY


Classy and delicious. Photo: @elenabesser / Instagram

Stop complaining about $15 milkshakes. Do You want decadent? You’ve got to pay for it. How’s a donut made from Cristal Champagne and covered in 24-karat gold dust and flakes sound? If you have $100 to spare, it too can be yours.

Inside, the donut is a beautiful purple hue thanks to its ube base. If you want to save money, you can pick up a dozen of these golden bad boys for a grand.