9 Totally Insane Fast Food Dishes To Show Off On Game Day

Just imagine your friends snapping pictures and screaming, “Daammmn dawg is that an IN-N-OUT PIE?!" Why yes. Yes, it is.

You may assume Sunday’s championship game is about football until you realize every viewing party feels like a stadium of good eats built to show off the dopest-social-currency-popping homemade dish you can.

Don’t be caught empty-handed at your function, mooching off the goods.

Here are 9 of the craziest party dishes predominantly made from items off of our favorite fast food menus. Just imagine your friends snapping pictures and screaming, “Daammmn dawg is that an IN-N-OUT PIE?!"

Why yes. Yes, it is.

1. In-N-Out Pie


What in the actual heck is that? Photo: Foodbeast

Moms might not be impressed with this one, but your college roommates that have been missing since the last party sure will be. The best thing about this dish is that it is so Instagram-worthy you can completely mess up the recipe and no one will say anything because they’ll be bathing in “Likes.” #yourewelcome

2. Taco Bell Lasagna


You like Taco Bell; you like lasagna—why not have them both at once?! Photo: Foodbeast

No one worth a damn is going to bring a regular lasagna to Sunday’s gathering. That’s why you’re going to want to bring the hottest party food of recent memory, the ultra viral Taco Bell Lasagna.

Originating from a fever dream of a blogger who couldn’t decide between Taco Bell or a Lasagna, they mashed the two together using roughly $80 worth of T-Bell ingredients. Live Mas.

3. DIY Mac & Cheese-stuffed Doritos


It’s like crack cocaine for cheese addicts. Photo: @tymbussanich / Instagram

Everyone enjoys a DIY project. It makes them feel like Martha Stewart pre-jail—or post? It doesn’t matter. Mac and cheese-stuffed Doritos is the snack they didn’t know they were missing, and you are the Food Messiah for delivering.

If you don’t want to be looked at with pure envy by every person who thought to bring regular chips to the party, keep looking, this isn’t the dish for you.

4. Firehouse Subs Stadium


Got a few hours to kill? Photo: Foodbeast

Calling all overachievers, show-offs, or anyone looking to impress someone who appreciates gorgeous food architecture. This stadium is the dish for you.

On the upside, if you get it right it could have you riding Pinterest fame until at least next week. On the downside, nothing says I have too much free time on my hands like showing up to the party with a Zoolander-sized football stadium made entirely from Firehouse subs. Is the 15 minutes of fame worth it? Probably.

5. Wienerschnitzel Pizza


Corn dog aficionados rejoice! Photo: Foodbeast

No, this is not just a regular pizza with Wienerschnitzel toppings. The dough is made from ground up corn dog casings, a sauce of Wienerschnitzel chili and ranch and topped with cheese, onions, chopped corn dogs and jalapenos. You’re going to break some hearts with this one in more ways than one.

6. White Castle Pizza


And you thought Hawaiian pizza was adventurous. Photo: @tymbussanich / Instagram

Harold and Kumar fans rejoice! The gourmet hot dogs and patties on the grill will get forgotten once you show up with everyone’s favorite food topped with their favorite burger that everyone talks about but never actually orders themselves.

Disclaimer: This dish may pause the game because a liquored-up party-goer feels compelled to share an overly detailed nostalgic story about White Castle. Proceed with caution.

7. Chicken Nugget Nachos


Another genius way to blend your two favorite foods. Photo: @tymbussanich / Instagram

Not only are nachos the ultimate boozy shareable party food but everyone enjoys cheese served on fried carbs. The chip and cheese combo is cute and all but to accompany your nth beer of the day nothing says football like combining two bar favorites to make one ultimate party dish.

Chicken nugget nachos are real, and as you can guess, they’re dangerously easy to make en masse. The super simple recipe will allow for less time in the kitchen and more time in front of the television. Just like the halftime show, this dish is sure to be flawless.

8. Bacon Wrapped Doritos Locos Taco


So much effort to prepare, so little effort to eat. Photo: @dudefoods / Instagram

This dish will probably take some time and a little hand-eye coordination, but Nick of the notorious DudeFoods blog has a perfect instructional post on the matter. Don’t be afraid of “weaving” tacos, especially when it comes taking something as buzzworthy as a Doritos Locos Taco and making sure its entire surface area gets painted with bacon.

9. Beer and Maple Bacon Battered Fried Krispy Kreme


Everything. Photo: @dudefoods / Instagram

‘Nuff said (Drops mic).