A Dozen Ways To Order Up Your Eggs

This breakfast staple not only makes for a great start to your day but is the perfect protein for kicking up any meal – any time of day.

Nothing says brunch quite like eggs! This breakfast staple not only makes for a great start to your day but is the perfect protein for kicking up any meal – any time of day.

In case you’ve forgotten just how versatile an egg can be, here are a dozen of out favorite ways to put an egg on (or in) it.

1. Scrambled


Ah, yes, just like my brain on drugs. Photo: @fitfamily_healthylife / Instagram

Nothing says classic American breakfast like a nice helping of scrambled eggs! Whether you prefer a soft or hard scramble these fluffy, yellow protein packed style of eggs might be the most edible of them all!

2. Sunny Side Up


Like two delicious little eyeballs. Photo: @firstthymemom / Instagram

What better way to start your morning than with a perfectly sunny yolk staring right back at you? Whether you’re dipping your toast into the yolk or carefully savoring every bite, the lightly fried sunny side up egg makes any plate more stylish. Probably why they’re Instagram gold. #putaneggonit

3. Over Easy


Flipped over, still runny. Photo: jeffreyw / Flickr

As the name implies, these are easy. Just take that fried egg you made and quickly flip it over. Cook it very briefly on the other side, but short enough so that the yolk remains runny. Want it cooked a bit more? Ask for “over medium,” or for well done, “over hard.”

4. Hard Boiled


Firm all the way through! Photo: @russellwbest / Instagram

Not just your grandmother’s favorite, the hard boiled egg has its rightful place in the egg hierarchy. The solid yolk is delicious with just a little salt and pepper, but can dress up any salad from potato to spinach. We love it on sandwiches too!

5. Soft Boiled


It’s got a gooey center, just like you! Photo: @mbs.eatz / Instagram

The not-so-solid cousin of the hard boiled egg, we always find the soft center to be extra delightful! There are entire guides dedicated to each minute of the boiling process to help you figure out you’re exact right yolk texture. The six-minute soft boiled egg makes the perfect accompaniment to a steamy bowl of ramen if we say so ourselves!

6. Poached


True mastery. Photo: @healthy_me_sez / Instagram

Possibly the most challenging egg to prepare, the poached egg involves boiling the egg without its shell. It’s tough to master but well worth it! The soft outside and runny center come best served on toast, but honestly, we will take it any way it comes!

7. Benedict


How does one say “epic” in every language? Photo: @skinnypignyc / Instagram

Not to be confused with the actor, this style of egg certainly makes breakfast a little more refined. A buttery English muffin, Canadian bacon a perfectly poached egg and wonderful Hollandaise sauce make a brunch splurge we can get behind!

8. Scotch


What kind of delicious witchcraft is this?! Photo: Nic McPhee / Flickr

Not as well known as the Benedict, but we are out to change that! Take a soft boiled egg, roll it in sausage and breadcrumbs, and fry it. It’s a total game changer! That’s right – a soft boiled, fried egg covered in crispy sausage goodness. This English favorite is sure to shine at your next breakfast!

9. Tempura Poached


I admire the craftsmanship here. Photo: @cynthiascooking / Instagram

A variation of the classic poaches, the tempura poached egg takes things up about 20 notches. After poaching an egg, it gets an ice bath before getting battered and flash fried to a light, crispy texture that still has a runny center! If you see this on a menu, we suggest ordering it!

10. Baked Eggs


The bacon wrapper is a must. Obviously. Photo: @withhealthandgrayce / Instagram

You’ve seen them all over Pinterest, and these easy-to-make eggs in a cup are perfect for a well-planned brunch! Topped or mixed with veggies, meats, and cheese baked eggs are a meal in and of themselves!

11. Frittata


It’s like egg pie!! Photo: jeffreyw / Flickr

This one makes the list because it’s fun to say! But seriously, a good frittata should have a custardy texture and requires an exact egg to dairy ratio to achieve the frittata perfection. There are a gazillion versions of this classic which will fit any palate!

12. Deviled


It’s just so beautiful! sobs Photo: @theblvdbistro / Instagram

Spicy or sweet this southern staple somehow finds its way into any party spread. Often found on menus as an appetizer topped with everything from hot sauce to roe, to fried pickles, deviled eggs don’t need a reason to get eaten.