A Lunchbox Lifestyle


We already know the Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set is the perfect lunchbox, but it’s so much more than that. With the containers, you can easily bring an entire meal to your next picnic or party. Sealed to perfection, no bulky clips in sight. Saran wrap is a thing of the past (no need to thank us). No more scrambling to find a big enough container for that salad (fruit or otherwise). And that honey mustard dressing? On the side, of course. The li’l sauce pots were made for this.

Whether you’re planning for a potluck or making appetizers for a girl’s night in, the leak-proof containers are the perfect vehicle for transporting main dishes or storing and serving guacamole. No leftover lover can go wrong with these Prepd containers. No longer will you have to worry about making too much food (you don’t have four college roommates anymore) – you can save it for days. Food waste? Not here. Prepd is all about sustainability. Oh, and one more thing: you know all those times you went out to eat and had to use disposable utensils? Those days are gone.

Shop Prepd Lunchbox Set - $69.00

The magnetic utensils are as eco-friendly as it gets. First off, they’re magnetic. Meaning, they won’t be clanging around your bag making noise. Second, you get a knife, fork, and spoon–and they’re regular-sized–no mini camping utensils here. You never know when you’re going to find a food truck, right? They’ll come in handy. Trust.

As you can see, this lunchbox is versatile AF. Sure, you can use it as just a lunchbox, but you know it’s so much more than that.