Are You Trypophobic? You'll Find Out Shortly.

There is a whole world of unusual food phobias out there.

There is a whole world of unusual food phobias out there. Acerophobia is the fear of sourness, carnophobia is the fear of meat, and arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. No, I didn’t make those up.


Only milk can take away the nightmares.

Now just because not all of these phobias have been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM doesn’t make it any less real to those who experience them.

One fear, trypophobia, reaches beyond food but makes sure not to leave it behind. It’s the fear of holes or patterns of holes. While it’s a challenge for those who have it, as something that often appears in nature, it makes for a particularly easy and wholly fascinating gallery post.

If any of these foods make you wince, you might be trypophobic.

1. Garlic


Photo: Christine Leiser / Flickr

Is it me, or did one of those cloves just move?

2. Honeycomb


So going into detail over how ingenious the hexagonal design of a honeycomb is would probably be lost on you, right?

3. Lotus Root


There’s no way around it; these things are naturally creepy. But taste great!

4. Honeydew Melon


Stare if you will, into the eye of the melon.

5. Tripe



Not sure about you, but I can hardly stomach this stuff. Get it? Because tripe is stomach. Oh, nevermind.

6. Injera (Ethiopian Bread)



Looks like tripe, tastes like a warm, moist pita that’s perfect for absorbing one of Ethiopia’s many flavorful stews like doro wat.

7. Pasta


You see noodles. Others see fear.

8. English Muffin


Those nooks and crannies are a selling point for many. And a nightmare for some.

9. Chia Seeds


Chia might be a superfood, but after a minute in water it looks super gross.

10. Pomegranate


So. Many. Seeds.