Coming Soon: An Underwater Hotel

This venture is the Goldilocks hotel of your undersea dreams.

The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has just applied for a patent to create a revolutionary new hotel that gives you a scenic view from the ocean’s floor. Let that sink in for a second. You can enjoy the sight of a coral reef without having to go through the rigors of dive certification classes.

While others exist, most either involve SCUBA diving, are too rustic to attract a larger audience, or too extravagant for the majority of guests. This venture is the Goldilocks hotel of your undersea dreams.

Tony Webb is at the helm of this nautical project, with a goal of encouraging “inner space tourism." At a cost of $20 million to construct, we hope that reservations will be pouring in. But before you string on a clam shell bikini, take some time to learn about this forthcoming dream getaway.

What To Expect


It’ll be just off the coast of this lovely place. Photo: @staysaltyflorida / Instagram

The resort will be built 28 feet under the sea (under the sea, sea, sea… sorry, couldn’t resist) off the coast of Key West, Florida with future locations around the globe. Guests will enter through an elevator powered by child-like wonder and faith in the impossible (also, electricity).

In addition to letting you feel like a hermit crab with surrounding views of the ocean, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel has spared no expense. That means you won’t have to leave behind land-lubber necessities like an HDTV, air conditioning, room service, and Wifi.

It’s Not Just A Hotel; It’s Also A Ship


Just incase you see a massive sea mammal racing toward your room… Photo: @shaadzee / Instagram

To avoid accidents in storm scenarios, the geniuses that designed this hotel have technically made it a vessel. So, when Jaws attacks (and don’t kid yourself, he will), all the hotel needs to do is scoot out of the way.

It also means that the hotel can travel to any site that will give it a mooring space, meaning you can meet up with it anywhere around the world. While Florida and the Caribbean are its initial locations, they are considering others throughout Southeast Asia and other parts of the Pacific, along with the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.

Don’t Worry, It’s Environmentally Friendly


Those fish seem pretty happy with it, see? Photo: @plugin_magazine / Instagram

The hotel is also part of a larger altruistic push to raise awareness about coral reef bleaching. As synthetic materials affect the coral reef, algae leaves and the coral dies without its main food source.

Using something known as the “Biorock” process that uses a harmless low-voltage electric current to “grow” minerals floating in the ocean, it gives coral a place to colonize and hopefully flourish.

How Many Doubloons Will You Need


Oh yeah, this looks super affordable. Photo: @thebikinifashionista / Instagram

Ok, but we need to know how much this little adventure is going to cost us, right? Well, you might want to skip this if you’re faint of heart.

A night in this undersea hotel is expected to cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. That’s not that close to the most expensive hotel rooms worldwide, but we’re still going to be saving for some time to live out this underwater fantasy.

While this is just a patent and they are still looking for investors, this is a promising beginning to what we can only hope to be a beautiful undersea future.