Culinary Innovations in Lyon, France

January 24, 2019

By the Tastemade Team

From its narrow winding streets to its world-class food scene, the reasons to go to Europe’s most underrated city, Lyon, are seemingly endless. In a place where “Gastronomy is a religion”, it’s no wonder that Sirha, a hospitality and food service expo focusing on the influences and innovations of the culinary industry, is here and approaching at the end of the month. This event draws in chefs and culinary professionals from around the world and features an array of exhibits and live competitions.

Maison de la Patisserie et Glacerie

A stage dedicated to pastry and ice cream sounds like a Tastemade dream. With a theme of sustainable and urban pollination, everything from the frozen desserts to the intricate sugar sculptures is sure to be the bee’s knees.

Cafe Show

Coffee enthusiasts, the French Cup Tasting Championship probably caught your eye too. If SOMM taught us anything, it’s that blind tasting is nothing short of incredible, add in a dark roast and it’s the perfect event. Looking for something more visual? The Latte Art competition is sure to bring out some of the most creative workmanship a cup of coffee and milk has ever seen.

Coupe du Monde Pâtisserie

This competition unveils the latest pastry trends and discovers the new worldwide talents. Basically, the World Cup of pastry with 21 teams from 21 countries- and it just so happens to be the 30th anniversary. In line with the latest consumer trends, this will be the first year teams will be required to create a fully vegan dessert!

Lastly, it would be a shame to miss “Speed Dating with a sommelier”. Hopefully, we’ll all leave with a sommelier on our arms… or at least a more elevated understanding of wine.

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