These Crafty Women Will Help You Decorate Your Dream Space

From bright rugs to hand woven baskets, these badass ladies will inspire you to brighten up your surroundings.

If you fantasize all day about decorating your dream room, then we have some women to introduce you to. Whether you aspire to have a bed covered in chic pillows or picture yourself sipping a latte out of an elegant handmade mug, 11 female-led companies are making it easier than ever to inject a bit of harmony into your space.

1. The Coolest Sisters in LA?

Living that desert life. Image: Laura Dart

Hopie & Lily Stockman are straight-up #sistergoals. The two founded Block Shop Textiles in 2013, and Hopie runs the day-to-day operations of Block Shop in downtown LA (but they also have a studio based in Jaipur, India!)

A pillow clearly made with love. Image:

Shop Block Shop Canard Pillow Case : $70

Not only are their products (which range from pillows to quilts to notecards) super-cute, but the sisters do everything manually: they design on paper, print with wooden blocks, and dye in small batches. They also help empower other women by investing five percent of their profits in a women’s empowerment program in Bagru, India.

Favorite quote: “It is not necessary to accept the choices handed down to you by life as you know it.”— Hunter S. Thompson

2. A Warm Leader

In her element. Image: Katherine Tucker

Katherine Tucker may work with dark stoneware, but her personality is warm and bright. As the leader of Civil Stoneware in Birmingham, Alabama, the potter oversees the creation of dishes, trays, cups, spoons and more — all made with high fire black stoneware clay that is fully vitrified, so it’s both food safe and dishwasher friendly.

Would not complain if this tray was brought to me in bed… Image:

Shop Civil Stoneware Serving Tray: $100

“I love the idea [that] the place settings are present for a lot of the most intimate moments in life, where people come together,” Tucker says. “I love the atmosphere of hospitality and entertaining, and I believe that as they are passed down over time, they carry that atmosphere with it. To be a part of that, where people collect our pieces and remember those times, that makes me smile.”

Step up your healthy breakfast game. Image:

Shop Civil Stoneward Orb Bowl: $28

3. A One-of-a-Kind Woman

Just another day at the office. Image: Meghan Flynn

Meghan Flynn is a full-time potter (no, not the wizarding kind) based in Maine. Everything she makes in unique; as she throws, sculpts, trims, and glazes each piece by hand.

Main course not included. Image:

Shop Meghan Flynn Serving Platter - $150

Just picture it: hosting your next dinner party, surrounded by candlelight, and serving a mouthwatering fruit tart or chocolate cheesecake on one of Flynn’s functional-but-beautiful platters. Flynn is also the ceramist for acclaimed Maine restaurant The Lost Kitchen, so if you use her pottery, your food is technically restaurant-worthy, right?

Favorite quote: “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” — Confucius

4. You’ll Lose Your Marbles Over Her Ceramics

Way better than anything we ever made in art class. Image: Eliana Bernard

Eliana Bernard’s pieces are instantly recognizable, even though each piece is one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re looking for a bowl, vase, serving tray or even jewelry, the piece will be adorned with Bernard’s signature marbling technique, swirled into the porcelain by hand.

Each piece is then finished with gold detailing, making it the perfect luxurious (but fun) addition to any space, whether the star of a dinner table or nestled on a bedside table.

We’ll take them both, please. Image:

Shop Eliana Bud Vase - $56

5. She’ll Keep You Neat and Chic

Where do we sign up to join the apron squad? Image: Lily Glass

Ellen Bennet wants to change the way chefs and home cooks dress in the kitchen, and her line of functional-but-chic aprons is doing just that. She started Hedley & Bennett, an LA-based apron and workwear company, at just 24 years old, after noticing the stale look and poor quality of aprons being worn in professional kitchens.

These limited-edition Tastemade aprons can handle whatever you throw their way. Image:

Shop Tastemade x Hedley & Bennett Aprons - $60

Her line of aprons are handmade and built to last, and give home cooks the chance to rock the same look as famous chefs like Martha Stewart (not to name names, or anything…) There are even kids sizes for that aspiring MasterChef junior contestant in your life.

Favorite quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” — Walt Disney

6. Talk to the Hand

You can’t see it, but she probably has a knife in her hand. Image: Laura Wagner

Laura Wagner started her career as a carpenter, but now she expresses her creativity through woodworking — she creates unique serving goods like spoons and platters, carving each piece without a plan in place and letting her hands lead the way.

Tall, wide, short, small: there’s a spoon for everyone and everything. Image:

Shop Lo Wood.Work Spoon Set Gift Box: $80

“Having begun woodworking in the rigid furniture world, I never realized how freeform the process could be,” Wagner says. “I can’t imagine a better way to spend my days, knowing my pieces will live long and happy lives in the homes of my customers!”

Your future cheese board, maybe? Image:

Shop Lo Wood.Work Serving Board - $58

Favorite quote: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” — Anaïs Nin

7. Combining Artistry with Activism

Sheeva with women in a weaving co-op in Rwanda. Image: Sheeva Sairafi

Sheeva Sairafi loves home goods (she used to work as a buyer for a corporate retailer), but wanted to channel her passion for retail into something that could make a positive impact on the world — so, she founded Local + Lejos (“lejos” is a Spanish adverb pertaining to a place that is far away.)

If only our counters were this clean IRL. Image:

Shop Local + Lejos Bariku Bowl - $25

The home decor company curates gorgeous handmade goods from artisans around the world, allowing you to add flair to your home while simultaneously supporting a sustainable future for a family abroad.

Bowl? Art? Guess what: it’s both. Image:

Shop Local + Lejos Zera Bowl - $25

8. Lightening Up an Old Trade


What do we need to do to make all of our mornings look this peaceful? Image: Lauren Viren

Lauren Viren somehow takes a piece of wet clay and turns it into a clean, feather-light piece of art that would be the star of any home. As the founder of Lulu Pottery, she makes one-of-a-kind, food-safe and functional ceramic wares like bowls, mugs and tumblers.

Lavender optional but recommended for the cutest 'gram. Image:

Shop Laura Viren x Tastemade Dip Bowl - $19

Lauren hopes when you use one of her pieces, it will provoke an personal interaction — the type you can’t get with that mass-produced mug currently sitting in your kitchen cabinet. “No two handcrafted wares are exactly the same, and technology doesn’t have a way of creating something so perfectly imperfect,” she says. “Technology isn’t able to apply the same intention, meaning and value to art that the human hand can.”

A still life painting brought to life. Image:

Shop Laura Viren x Tastemade Platter: $149

9. It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Love

We’d like to move to Ojai, stat. Image: Emily Brown

Emily Brown dabbled in pottery for more than 25 years before finally getting a kiln of her own, and boy are we glad she didn’t give up. Her dreamy handmade pieces are made with custom glazes, and she fires everything at her studio, Awhai Pottery, in Ojai Valley, California.

It’s almost too dreamy to eat off of. Image:

Shop Awhai Pottery Dinner Plate - $40

“When somebody appreciates a piece of my pottery enough to buy it and take it home or give it as a gift,” she says, “I feel that they are taking some of the love and energy that I put into that piece with them.”

10. She’ll Soften Up Your Space

This woman knows cozy. Image: Ricardo Nagaoka

Katherine Entis works by touch and sight, which explains why her signature rugs are both incredibly soft and super colorful. Her textile studio, Soft Century Designs, makes more than just rugs — you can also find adorable tapestries that would liven up any room.

This is a “wall puff” and we’re obsessed. Image:

Shop Soft Century Designs Wall Puffs - $295

Favorite quote: “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.” — Gabriel García Márquez

11. Cute and Pretty

She’s anything but a basket case. Image: Trang

Trang founded her company Xinh & Co., which means “cute” or “pretty” in Vietnamese, out of her love of hand-made woven baskets from around the globe. Artisans are given a living wage, as Trang hopes to improve socio-economic growth and preserve cultural traditions of these rural areas in the world.

Gold! Tassels! And it’s functional!? Image:

Shop Xinh & Co Gold Basket - $32

Not only are Trang’s home goods functional, but they represent diverse cultures and help support local communities. Win-win-win!

Think of the possibilities: laundry basket, cute beach tote, a place to put all those books you SWEAR you’re gonna read… Image:

Shop Xinh & Co Blush Basket - $30

Favorite quote: “Most things have already been done, but they have not yet been done by you.” — Elizabeth Gilbert