Popsicle Molds

Have a Popsicle, Your Inner Kid Will Thank You

Popsicle Molds transform your kitchen into a dessert chef’s haven, where you, your kid, or even your drunkest friend can turn any favorite ingredient into a cool summer snack.

The First Bite

Making your own popsicles makes sense, given that they supposedly got their start in the most DIY way possible—accidentally by an 11-year-old.

Rumor has it young Frank Epperson left a glass of water and powdered soda with a stirring stick on his porch one cold San Francisco night back in 1905. But it wasn’t until 1922, at a fireman’s ball, that Epperson introduced the divine dessert invention. Within two years, he held the whimsical patent for “a handled, frozen confection or ice lollipop.”

Popsicle Molds 01

Popsicles have been bringing joy to people, even crazy cat ladies, for over 90 years. Photo: David Dodge

Originally called an “Epsicle,” the grand man supposedly changed the name of it to Popsicle at the insistence of his children. Now, a near-century later, Popsicle (the brand) serves up more than 25 varieties and the name “popsicle” has more or less come to mean any kind of ice pop.

Giving Power to the Masses

Letting folks make their own popsicles was inevitable. It was simple, it was delicious, and it allowed—nay, it invited—creativity. So popsicle molds quickly became the beloved tools of sweet-toothed dreamers.

Popsicle Molds 02

The simplest mold use ice cube trays and dixie cups. Photo: Mosono

Whether the molds were stainless steel or plastic, they had designs for everyone: the classic bar, rocket ships, bubble pops, twirly shapes, cartoon characters, you name it.

As a kid, though, it was a big deal. Making your own popsicles was like being given a Captain Planet or Green Lantern ring. You suddenly had all this…power. What did you want? Because you could have it now.

Your imagination was suddenly a farm of ideas and wishes. No more disappointment in the frozen snack aisle of the supermarket when they didn’t have your flavor. No, no, those days were gone.

Whatever you had in the kitchen could now become a popsicle. Mind blown.

Popsicle Molds 03

It’s okay to lick the screen right now. Photo: Sonja Lekovic

Then you got to be an adult, and you wanted a frozen treat without the heavy splurge of calories. So you thought it’d be fun to start making popsicles again, making them on the healthier side,with ingredients like coconut, yogurt, and fresh strawberries

At the end of the day, though, popsicles are about decadent fun.

Your heart wants to be making brown butter, pineapple mint, and cocktail-flavored popsicles. Making them makes your heart full, your family sing your praises, and your friends claim your post-meal treats trump “Karen’s sugar cookies” and “Tom’s fancy French whatever dessert.”

Keep it cool. Keep it sweet.