Keep Your Head In The Game With 10 Healthy Game Day Alternatives

We’ve gathered ten healthier alternatives to those dishes that leave everyone deep in a food coma even before the start of the second half.

Game Day is right around the corner. That means football, commercials and most importantly, snacks. As the second biggest food consuming “holiday” after Thanksgiving, Sunday’s championship game has been synonymous with unhealthy snacks. We all know that mindless eating is the culprit, but there are ways to make this day of gluttony, slightly more mindful.

We’ve gathered ten healthier alternatives to those heartburn inducing dishes that leave everyone deep in a food coma even before the start of the second half.

1. Broccomole and Veggie Chips


Lower calorie guac? Sign me up! Photo: @nutritionist_in_the_kitch / Instagram

Instead of serving regular guacamole, which while healthy-ish, is still high in calories, opt for a guacamole-inspired broccoli dip. Broccomole is lower in calories, looks pretty darn similar to guacamole and is without the high concentration of fats. To play around with flavors and aesthetics ditched the salty tortilla chips and use beet, sweet potato, and jicama chips instead.

2. Hummus and Veggies


It’s hard to go wrong with a spread like this. Photo: @brooklynvegetarian / Instagram

As for that layered bean dip, go ahead and swap the refried beans, the cream cheese, the chunky salsa, the cheddar cheese, and taco mix for a healthier option: hummus. This garbanzo bean based dish – no matter which variety of flavor you choose – is bound to be healthier than the layered dip. Make sure to accompany the hummus with plenty of baby carrots, raw broccoli, celery sticks, bell pepper and cucumber slices.

3. Olive Oil Popcorn


So simple, and yet, so delicious. Photo: Brian Malmstrom / Flickr

It’s hard to find a snack better to chow down on during a thrilling game than the seemingly-never-ending batch of popcorn. So let’s keep the popcorn but instead of serving it with butter, drizzle it with just olive oil and black pepper. Not only will the dish taste light, but the pepper adds an addicting kick that satisfies.

4. Sweet Potato Fries


I love that there’s such a thing as a ‘healthy fry’. Photo: @syd_healthynfit / Instagram

As for that stack of Doritos, Cheetos, and Lays that always seem to make their way to the food table, get rid of those and serve garlic and herb sweet potato fries instead. Finish it off with an aioli sauce.

5. Stuffed Mushrooms


They’re even healthier if you lay off the cheese altogether. Photo: @terkak / Instagram

Cheese lovers need not despair. But instead of the gooey, greasy and fried mozzarella sticks, try spinach and manchego cheese stuffed mushrooms. With manchego cheese, a little goes a long way so the snack will still be very satisfying even if using only small portions of cheese for each mushroom.

6. Raw Coconut Macaroons


Join the raw-volution! Photo: @ulz86 / Instagram

Baked goods were so last year. This year is all about healthier raw dessert options! The most simple, indulgent alternative are bite-sized, raw coconut macaroons. With only five natural ingredients, this healthier alternative will make it easy not to miss those sugary high-calorie cupcakes.

7. Fruit Skewers


Everybody likes food on a stick! Photo: @saltandsundry / Instagram

Pastry pups, more commonly known as the candied pigs-in-a-buttery pastry blanket, are delicious but not nutritious. You can remain on the sweet side by easily swapping the pups for fruit skewers. Pair the skewers with a honeyed yogurt dip. Use fruits that are the colors of your favorite or opposing team if you want to get real festive.

8. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates


Salty, sweet—and most important: healthy(ish). Photo: @forkreporter / Instagram

Now pizza can be a little intimidating when trying to find an alternative worthy enough to swap. But trust me, it can be done. Avoid consuming all of that bread by serving bacon-wrapped, parmesan stuffed dates instead. This equally savory, yet slightly sweet snack will leave your palate satisfied while helping you keep the buttons of your jeans fastened.

9. Protein Style Sliders


Bite-sized delights. Photo: @derricksilva / Instagram

Pork/beef sliders only need a little modification – lose the bread. Swap the pork or beef for healthier turkey and make yourself some protein-style sliders. Essentially, they’re lettuce wraps. Dress the wraps with any additions you want. It’s a good idea to have Mediterranean, Asian and spicy flavored sauces to drizzle on for flavor.

10. Sushi and Avocado Rolls


It’ll be love at first bite! Photo: @eatlovegym / Instagram

As for the buffalo wings, lose them altogether and create a new tradition. Why not sushi instead? Not a fan of raw fish? Creamy avocado rolls are just the ticket. Everyone loves avocados. There’s even a shirt that reads, “I Know That Avocado Is Extra.”

We guarantee that these healthier, yet equally delicious, alternatives will leave your palette happy, your stomach stuffed and your conscious free of full-blown eater’s remorse.