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Sunday Meal Prep


Meal prep doesn’t have to be a daunting task anymore; here’s how: The Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set. Before you think back to your elementary school days, hear us out.

First off, there’s no velcro here, it’s not the 90’s, y’all. You can say goodbye to mismatched tupperware, too. No longer will you have to lug multiple containers in your bag, backpack, or purse, and you won’t have to search through a crazy tupperware drawer for that one lid. The Prepd BPA-free containers are also easily stackable and leak-proof. (No clips, either!) If that didn’t get your attention, the saucepot and magnetic cutlery just might.

Shop Prepd Container Set - $29.00

With the Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set you’ll get a large container with a saucepot, two small containers, and magnetic cutlery, which fits perfectly in the sustainably-made bamboo pack. Sounds like the perfect lunchbox, right? It gets better.

Figuring out what to make is always the worst part for us. Luckily, Prepd has an app to take the frustration out of it. The Prepd app has myriad meal ideas to choose from that keep all diets and food sensitivities in mind.

Shop Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set - $69.00

So what have we learned? You get a sustainable carrying case with three containers, a sauce pot, magnetic cutlery, and a free app to help you plan! Basically, with the Prepd Pack Lunchbox Set you’ll be living the meal prep dream.