The 10 Best Things The Internet Has Ever Done With Oreos

On National Oreo Cookie Day we thought we'd take a moment to appreciate how the always nostalgic internet has transformed Oreos into sugary masterpieces.

As America’s best-selling cookie, we have a soft spot for the Oreo, as it evokes our most beloved childhood memories. Oreos were a wonder in the pantry, a blessing on family vacations, a staple of sleepovers, and a snack that reigned supreme as the national food of, what in retrospect, seemed like an indefinite summer of treehouses and freeze tag.

On National Oreo Cookie Day we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate how the always nostalgic internet, has gone wild with Oreos, transforming the cookie into sugary masterpieces you can’t even begin to imagine.

Check out these ten unreal concoctions, all thanks to the treasured Oreo.

1. Chaotic Oreo Milkshake


Holy mother of Oreo! Photo: @blacktapnyc / Instagram

Where do I even start? Made with peppermint paddies, candy canes, and crushed Oreos this seasonal treat is utter mayhem.

You can thank Black Tap in New York City for it, where burgers, beers, and milkshakes are all fair game for madness. Seriously, how could you even stomach this after chowing down on burgers and beer first?

2. Oreo Pancakes


How does one survive after eating this? Photo: @sydneydebaker / Instagram

What kind of smoking jacket are you wearing while sitting in front of some massive fireplace in your fancy mansion eating this grand, glorious start to your day?

It looks conjured into this world by way of voodoo, then topped with powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and bashed-up Oreos.

3. Oreo Donut Cake


“These are a few of my favorite thinnnnngs!” Photo: @frostbitebakery / Instagram

Why have only Oreos when you can have Oreos with cake AND donuts. Just combine a chocolate sponge cake filled and covered with an Oreo Swiss meringue buttercream, chocolate ganache drip, and many, many Oreos.

The perfect treat for those who can’t decide what to have for dessert. Have this à la mode and you’ll have all your bases covered.

4. Slutty Brownies


I could do without the name, but the taste is amazing. Photo: @jenbake_fitmom / Instagram

Rich and decadent, this treat is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need chocolate chip cookie, chocolate chips, brownie mix, and maybe an entire package of Double Stuf Oreos.

This decadent Type 2 diabetes on a plate should only get made when you’re trying to impress someone. Even if that someone is just you after a long day.

5. Peanut Butter Oreo Ice Cream


Could your ice cream get any better? Photo: @jollman4 / Instagram

Here is the go-to for the on-the-go types. Melt down some peanut butter ice cream and mix in crashed-up Oreos. Forget ever having plain ice cream without Oreos.

You’ve moved well beyond that, into foreign territory you can’t explain. It’s like having the final scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey for dessert.

6. Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownie Bars


Daaaaaaaamn, Oreo—at it again with the red velvet! Photo: @marybakes365 / Instagram

It’s not just enough to simply have red velvet, nor sufficient to pack it with Oreo truffle filling, but one must also add chocolate ganache and chocolate chips too.

So this isn’t for some casual whack date with friends. This treat is the closest, legal edible to a love potion. Have you seen this thing? It’s straight up #foodporn.

7. Oreo Truffles


They are too small to eat just one! Photo: @xlinhng / Instagram

Crush your favorite cookies, toss with some cream cheese, and roll the dope dough in almonds, walnuts, pecans, and coconut. When has a recipe so simple served a mouth more packed with dessert goodness?

8. Drunken Oreos


Sororities and fraternities everwhere just let out a collective cheer. Photo: @that1grlchristy / Instagram

You’ve had Jell-O Shots. They were fun, even though you’ve nearly gone over a balcony a dozen times because of them. But what if you could eat a cookie that got you hammered? Wouldn’t that be the invention of the 21st Century?

Well, now you can if you crank out Oreo pudding mix with your favorite alcohol and milk to make a much sassier cream filling.

9. Oreo Pops


If Lisa Frank ate Oreos, this is what they’d look like. Photo: @cana_pink / Instagram

With cream cheese, melting chocolate, and a package of Oreos, you can be remembered forever with this sugary snack.

A class act, from proper presentation to gleeful devouring, these numbered doomsday clocks counting down your sanity will make you take up cooking classes just to remake them better, faster, stronger — like for a gala event or maybe your wedding.

10. S’mores Triple Decker Bars


Get my camp counselor on the phone, STAT! Photo: @food.etc_ / Instagram

Keep your layers of brownies, Oreos, and chocolate chip cookies even before covering this excellent dish with toasted marshmallows. This concoction is the sort of snack you make when you’re trying to impress a significant other’s parents.

If you managed to get through all ten of these items without consuming an entire sleeve of Oreos, then congratulations! You deserve a reward. Say, an entire sleeve of Oreos!