The 11 Greatest Donut Shops In America

Ironically, nothing quite fills the hole inside you like a sweet, hearty donut.

Ironically, nothing quite fills the hole inside you like a sweet, hearty donut. While we’ve grown accustomed to the 24-hour, $5-a-dozen hole-in-the-wall joints, there are many gourmet spins on this sweet tradition.

Get ready to dunk these fancy confectionary favorites into a cup of piping hot joe as we list the eleven donut hangouts you can’t afford to miss.

1. The Donut Bar // San Diego, CA


Please tell me this is just one person’s breakfast platter. Photo: @stitch_the_exotic / Instagram

You’ll have to rush since the appropriately titled Donut Bar is only open from 7 am to 1 pm. But with creations like French toast, chocolate euphoria, and blueberry Pop Tarts, it’s well worth the wait.

2. Voodoo Donuts // Portland, OR


I call robo-donut! Photo: @voodoodoughnut / Instagram

One of the original gourmet donut spots, Voodoo Donuts, has branched out to international locations like Taipei, Taiwan. But we still prefer the original Portland location for hipster spotting and eating maple-bacon donuts before they were cool.

3. Glam Doll Donuts // Minneapolis, MN


It’s like a vacation for your mouth. Photo: @glamdolldonuts / Instagram

Why should boys have all the fun when it comes to fried dough perfection? Arwyn Birch and Teresa Fox are baking up some of the tastiest donuts of all time, including the Outlaw (lemon cream cheese and cherry icing), the Chart Topper (PB and sriracha) and the Flirty Frenchie (espresso cream cheese cruller).

4. Glazed and Confused // Denver, CO


I’m glazed and confused just looking at this. Photo: @glazedandconfuzed / Instagram

And the winner for best name goes to – Glazed and Confused. Since they just legalized pot in Colorado, the name is probably just as much a reference to the Led Zeppelin song as it is to the overwhelmed stoners staring at their donut selection. Just relax, get a dozen of the Samoa donuts, sink into your bean bag, and put on some equally tasty tunes.

5. Gourdough’s // Austin, TX


There ARE donuts under all those toppings, right? Photo: @valeriemichelleee / Instagram

Donuts, beer, and cocktails… what else do you want out of life? Gourdough’s specializes in all three, but we’re most impressed with the Texas-sized helping of toppings they ladle on favorites like the Squealing Pig (bacon and strawberry/jalapeno jelly) and the Puddin’ (vanilla pudding, bananas, and vanilla wafers). Or just get a donut burger and die happy.

6. Monuts Donuts // Durham, NC


This is ALMOST too beautiful to eat. Photo: @monutsdonuts / Instagram

Monuts Donuts serves up their tasty confections with a side of homespun Americana, where everything gets made from scratch and the workers are paid a living wage. The donuts du jour might change on a daily basis, but you can always count on trusty favorites like mimosa, chocolate Earl Grey, and PB & grape jam.

7. Revolution Donuts // Decatur, GA


I’d give summer camp another shot if I could be guaranteed one of these every night. Photo: @revolutiondoughnuts / Instagram

Decatur, Georgia’s Revolution Donuts offers a fresh, handmade twist on old school donuts that are too tasty to resist. Fresh strawberry filled rounds, true blueberry, and raspberry sprinkles are just a few of the tasty rings you should be going after.

8. Broad Street Dough Co. // Oakhurst, NJ


Okay, so where’s the donut? I MEAN IT! WHO ATE THE DONUT PART?! Photo: @broadst_doughco / Instagram

The immaculately designed donuts at Broad Street Dough Co. almost look too beautiful to eat. Almost. Then you see peanut butter artfully dolloped atop a chocolate dipped donut encircled in a marshmallow glaze with graham cracker crumbles and suddenly… they’re gone.

9. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop // New York, NY


I don’t care if it’s 20 degrees outside, I need this right now. Photo: @candy_bubble / Instagram

One of the most aptly named donut shops of all time, since their tasty confections will fill you with child-like wonder and make you never want to grow up. Regular favorites like apple crumb and s’mores are just part of the story since their donut ice cream sandwiches will have you thinking happy thoughts.

10. Astro Doughnuts // Washington D.C.


SWEET MARY MOTHER OF MERCY. Photo: @astrodoughnuts / Instagram

Another winning combo comes from our nation’s capitol, where you can pair your donuts with fried chicken. Astro Doughnuts serves up favorites like maple bacon and crème brûlée on the daily, while seasonal harvests also yield tasty signature creations depending on when you visit.

11. Afters Ice Cream // Fountain Valley, CA


That’s it, I’m getting a donut. Somebody cover my shift. slams door Photo: @aftersicecream / Instagram

Yeah, it’s technically an ice cream shop, but we can’t leave off a creation as ingenious as the milky bun – a hole-less donut sliced open and crammed full of ice cream and toppings. It’s everything you ever wanted –especially when the ice cream begins to melt inside that warm, fluffy donut.