The 11 Sweetest Easter Candies To Stuff In Your Basket

Halloween might get all the credit for being the official candy-lovers holiday, but it's time to spring ahead and respect the bounty of colorful Easter treats.

Halloween might get all the credit for being the official candy-lovers holiday, but it’s time to spring ahead and respect the bounty of colorful Easter treats. While less blatantly commercial, Easter gives those with a many sweet teeth much to celebrate.

Chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs stuffed with jelly beans, Peeps – this year Easter candies have us all ready to fill our plastic green grass-lined baskets with sweet, sugar-filled surprises!

Here are the ten most delicious treats I’ll be stuffing in my belly.

1. Mini Cadbury Eggs


Delicious AND decorative! Image: @kellyfalk / Instagram

Quite possibly the most quintessential of Easter candies, these creamy pastel eggs are a sure sign that spring has sprung! We recommend grabbing, at least, two bags of these treats, one for yourself and one to share! These, along with their larger counterpart have become additions to cookies, cakes, and our favorite, milkshakes.

2. Peeps Marshmallow Chicks


If you make your OWN peeps they’ll be less likely to wind up in the trash! Image: @tastemade / Instagram

Sweet, puffy marshmallows shaped into baby chicks are the perfect addition to any Easter basket! These sugar coated chicks are sure to get lots of likes on your Instagram candy post! They’re also great fun to toss in a microwave. Trust us.

3. Benedict Cumberbunny


I’m having a VERY hard time deciding whether this is incredible or incredibly creepy. Image: chocolatician.com

If you love Benedict Cumberbatch, Easter and have $70 you feel like burning, you deserve to pick up one of these highly-detailed treats from Chocolatician.com.

Jen Lindsey-Clark has crafted a Belgian chocolate rabbit glazed in an edible luster dust with the face of everyone’s favorite Sherlock. They’re available in both milk and dark chocolates.

4. Starburst Jelly Beans


Mmm, the fruit-burst-iest of all jelly beans. Image: @jillian.hudson / Instagram

If Easter has an unofficial candy, it’s the jelly bean, but in 1995 Starburst turned things on their head when they introduced your favorite 90s candy in jelly bean form.

Sweet and sour spring jelly beans are perfect for stuffing plastic Easter eggs or just eating them on their own! Bonus points: they won’t melt when you hide them outside for the egg hunt!

5. Cadbury Crème Egg


It’s, like, a little jarring how much the inside looks like yolk—but when it’s hidden inside a cupcake nobody cares! Image: @erinjbgood / Instagram

Easily one of our childhood favorites, the Cadbury Crème egg is a creamy filled milk chocolate that comes individually wrapped. With a sweetness that nearly creates cavities on the spot, we still can’t eat just one of these eggs. Easter just wouldn’t be complete without a few of these laying around.

6. Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg


So. Much. Peanut Butter!!! Image: @tastertester / Instagram

If the Crème Egg had a nemesis, it would be the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. Thankfully, I can love them both equally. Roughly the same size as the Cadbury, Reese’s Egg is just a slightly larger example of the peanut butter cup we can’t get enough of.

7. Whopper’s Mini Robin Eggs


Just instead of baby robins, there’s chocolate inside! Some would argue that’s way better. Image: @natashastarflower / Instagram

Sugary sweet perfection meets pastel chocolate shell! What more could we ask for? These malted chocolate candies are an essential addition to your Easter candy spread this year!

8. Bunny Corn


Yep, they call this “bunny corn,” you guys. Image: @sugarayraynyc / Instagram

Candy corn isn’t just for Halloween. The most polarizing of candies just switched out their orange and brown for pastel pink, purple, yellow, and green. If you’re lucky, the Easter Bunny will bring you a few of his favorites on Easter morning! You know, if that’s your thing.

9. Lindt Chocolate Carrots


So this is how I’ll be eating my veggies from now on, k? Image: @miriamlondon / Instagram

Move over hollow bunny shell; these milk chocolate carrots come filled with a sweet hazelnut center. Coming gorgeously wrapped in bright orange carrot cellophane, they make the perfect addition to a Pinterest-worthy basket! Hide these around the house for a fun adult version of an egg hunt!

10. SweeTart’s Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies


Aweee! So cute! Image: @mizechristopher / Instagram

Tart-themed candies are ready for Easter this year with their fun animal shapes! These are perfect for the non-chocolate lovers out there. Are there any non-chocolate lovers? These will have you puckering up all afternoon!

11. Hershey’s Marshmallow Eggs


Does it look like it’s alive? Kind of looks like it’s alive, right? Image: @womens_lasers / Instagram

The milk chocolate giant outdid themselves on this one! Chocolate covered marshmallows in the shape of Easter eggs are sure to please all the bunnies this year!

Definitely grab a few extra of these to hide around the house for coming months. Add a graham cracker and boom! S’mores.