The 12 Most Adorable Foods Of Instagram

If there’s anything we’ve learned this year, it’s that you can quickly fall down an Instagram hole of culinary cuteness.

If there’s anything we’ve learned this year, it’s that you can quickly fall down an Instagram hole of culinary cuteness. From breakfast to dessert, here are twelve of the most adorable photos that tugged at our heartstrings and tummies in 2015.

1. Hello Kitty Bento Boxes


How can you eat food shaped like your best [cat] friend?! Photo: @princesskyhym / Instagram

Take one Asian cat, er, girl with a cult following. Add sushi, and you’ve got super kawaii!! Princesskhym gives us a perfect pairing of childhood nostalgia with culturally appropriate cuisine. Way too cute to eat, but we would.

__2. 3D Kitten Coffee Art __


Separating the mugs would be traumatizing. Photo: / Instagram

Latte art is nice and all, but when baristas make their coffee literally jump out at you, it’s oh-so-adorable! A pair of cups depicts a cat with its eyes on the prize unaware that it is indeed the prey.

__3. Charlie Brown and Snoopy __


I don’t know, there’s one too many Snoopys on that thing. Photo: @maimichan810 / Instagram

Who doesn’t love a boy and his dog? This bun is so cute it makes us want to do a happy dance. Maiamichan810 loves their adorbs foods, and it shows. This Peanuts inspired item is one dinner roll we aren’t interested in buttering.

4. Thai Basil Chicken


Look at those beebee carrots! Photo: @bentomonsters / Instagram

How. Cute. Is. That. Egg!!! No, it’s not rabbit for lunch, but it definitely resembles a garden patch. We’re dying over the dish ware and suddenly craving chicken?

5. Little Orange Snail


And you can eat the shell one wedge at a time! Photo: @dietit / Instagram

While elaborate and colorful Instagrams are welcome, simplicity done well is impressive. A single citrus fruit (plus a Sharpie) are all Dietit needs for their roly-poly feature. Also, it’s a good reminder to have some Vitamin C(ute)!

6. Gudetama Catching Zzz’s


Why would you even try to wake them!? Photo: @songsweetsong / Instagram

The most popular Sanrio character since Hello Kitty is neither animal, vegetable nor mineral. In fact, Gudetama’s an egg: a lazy, wobbly yolk. Do anthropomorphic eggs count as animals? We’re loving this baker’s interpretation of his “don’t bother me” attitude of mornings.

7. Cookie Monster Macarons


I want them to all have tiny cookie monster voices and sing in unison. Photo: @thejugernauts / Instagram

“C” is for cuteness (and maybe creepy) to have our favorite monster depicted as a pastry. But we can’t help but crave this little blue army of treats. Cookie Monster’s also got a cookie in his mouth. Is that what “art depicting life” is or should we call Christopher Nolan?

8. Fig Platitude


This was an engagement message (ring not pictured). Photo: @mayappetite / Instagram

What’s the cutest holiday we know? Valentine’s Day. After scrolling through endless hearts and roses, we decided that the sweetest need not be red or stylish. Mayappetite’s pun-tastic sense of humor fits the bill: a heart-warming, heart-healthy sentiment.

__9. Brekkie Bear __


That’s one warm blanket, hot off the frying pan. Photo: @djwatts80 / Instagram

Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day, so we sought out the best in class. It came down to a tough call between this and a peanut butter bear toast. In the end, we wanted food that would taste as good as (or better) than it looked and this fluffy omelet with a little cheese and rice won out.

10. DIY Mice


Something tells me these mice are not interested in cheese. Photo: cute.foods / Instagram

This adorable edible art is very “I saw this on Pinterest” cute. From the chocolate dipped cherries, to the striped Kisses, to the slivered almonds. Here is that rare instance where you do want to find mice in your food.

11. Totoro-nut


It’s surprised by its own cuteness! Photo: @elleventy / Instagram

Elleventy has graced Instagram with photos of adorable cookies and intricate pie crusts for a couple of years now, but these Miyazaki-inspired creations take the cake. Or cookie. It’s hard to decide if you want to hug these cookies or eat them.

__12. 10Below __


Ice cream posing as tortilla wraps… Photo: @refin2ej / Instagram

Desserts are typically the prettiest items on a menu, so we looked for something special. We found it in NYC’s Chinatown neighborhood. In lieu of liquid nitrogen clouds, 10Below chills their product on a super cold plate. The result is a smooth, Thai ice cream roll.