The 7 Burritos Every Wrapped Tortilla Connoisseur Should Know

There's no such thing as "just a burrito." Burritos are inherently amazing in any form.

There’s no such thing as “just a burrito.” Burritos are inherently amazing in any form. But do you know what is wrapped inside every corn or flour tortilla? Potential.


And that potential is realized by its creator. Photo: jm3 / Flickr

And beyond their potential lies a world of mystery, creativity, excitement, and obviously – flavor. While burritos may be one species of food, dig deeper, and you’ll discover many burrito sub-species.

Here are seven worth an encounter.

1. Wet Burrito: The Gourmand’s Choice


Please eat responsibly. Photo: Evan Blaser / Flickr

Eaten with a knife and fork, this burrito definitely thinks it’s classier than you. Covered with melted cheese and typically smothered in a red or green sauce, these burritos tend to be about the size of a turkey.

Bonus Fact: The word “burrito” literally means “little donkey” in Spanish. So a wet burrito would be a wet little donkey.

2. Poncho 8 Burrito: England’s Pride


England’s second best dish aside from fish and chips. Photo: www.poncho8.com

This may be the most conspicuous of burritos, a simple mix of beans, rice and meat, but this much-beloved chain in London, England serves their “Poncho” burritos with lines out the door. Who says the Brits are bland?

Bonus Fact: According to a recent survey, the Brit’s favorite food is a traditional roast followed by fish and chips.

3. Bean & Cheese Burrito: The Fast Food Darling


It’s a big seller for chains. Photo: Rick / Flickr

Made popular by taco chains like Taco Bell and Del Taco, this bean and cheese comfort food is the OG of burritos. Easy on the wallet, if not the stomach, it’s just as easy to make at home with a bag of tortillas and a can of Rosarita’s refried beans.

Bonus Fact: Del Taco hasn’t changed the recipe for its bean and cheese burrito in more than 50 years.

4. Breakfast Burrito: Our Morning Muse


'Nuff said.

Like chicken and waffles, you almost can’t imagine this combo was once a novelty. Made of eggs, potatoes and sausage, this burrito perfectly marries breakfast and dinner … or would it be dinner and breakfast? Either way it’s delicious.

Bonus Fact: NASA astronauts have been enjoying breakfast burritos in space since the 80s.

5. “Hapa” International Burrito: Cross-Cultural Culinary Excellence


Combining the best of both worlds. Photo: Eric Chan / Flickr

Half Hispanic, half Asian, this burrito is 100% delicious. The recipe is simple – fuse the classic poncho burrito with Asian flavors such as fresh fish, kimchi or Korean BBQ.

Thanks to L.A. Chef Roy Choi and the Kogi food truck revolution, this cross‐cultural dish has become increasingly mainstream.

Bonus Fact: The food truck movie Chef was both inspired by and co-produced by Roy Choi.

6. Mission Burrito: The Burrito By the Bay


It’s a mission to eat! Photo: elisasizzle / Flickr

This burrito is hella fresh and a popular staple of the Mission District in San Francisco. Synonymous with extra large portions of rice, this burrito also brings an assortment of other ingredients like corn, bell peppers, and cilantro together. The assembly line production style is what Chipotle based its entire operations on, so it must be good.

Bonus Fact: Southern California has an equally competitive offering known as the “California” Burrito that’s filled with French fries and carne asada.

7. Chimichanga: A Southern Delight


Deadpool would be proud. Photo: jeffreyw / Flickr

Hailing from the dry deserts of Arizona, chimichangas encompass the love of deep-fried foods in the South, with the average burrito of the American West. A definite game changer, this accidental concoction has brought joy to many stomachs.

Bonus Fact: Chimichangas and tacos are a favorite food of Marvel super assassin Deadpool, who is heading to the big screen next year. Review full articles through the preview tool. Appearance may change on device.