The 9 Best Star Wars: The Force Awakens Food Tie-Ins

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens driving geeks everywhere up the walls, a renewed marketing push has seen a bevy of ingenious foods come forward.

The cross-promotion is strong with this one. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens driving geeks everywhere up the walls, a renewed marketing push has seen a bevy of ingenious foods come forward.

Here are the biggest, most buzzed-about, and down right unusual items that (adult) children of all ages will be stuffing their faces with when the movie premieres on December 18th. May your fork be with you.

1. Ample Hills Dark Side and Light Side Ice Cream


Pretty sure the “light” isn’t referring to calories on this one. Photo: @amplehills / Instagram

Hipster Brooklyn creamery Ample Hills have debuted two Star Wars tie-in flavors. The Light Side is marshmallow ice cream with a combination of homemade crispie and cocoa crispie clusters, which represent the dark side lurking in the light.

Likewise, the Dark Side contains white chocolate pearls swirled into dark chocolate ice cream along with espresso fudge brownies and homemade cocoa crispies. Don’t make us choose — That’s impossible!

2. Limited Edition General Mills Star Wars Cereals


Fancy cereal for a fancy fan! Photo: @generalmills / Instagram

These are not the old school C-3PO’s you are looking for. Whether you buy the box with Yoda, Darth Vader, the mysterious Kylo Ren or adorable BB-8 on the front, you’ll be getting the exact same cereal, which at least frees you from the moral ambiguity of choosing a side. (We still haven’t forgiven you, Ample Hills.)

Fruity flavored cereal chunks are paired with Galactic-themed marshmallow treats in a combination that’s guaranteed to momentarily silence your unruly younglings.

Or you could just keep the box sealed and hope it goes up in value later on.

3. Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Cakes


But why isn’t he edible? WHY!?!Photo: @baskinrobbins / Instagram

Ice cream plus cake – what could possibly be better? How about your choice of either everyone’s favorite new droid, BB-8, or you could go original trilogy with a Darth Vader cake. While neither cake topper is edible, no matter which one you chose your birthday party is sure to be the best in this quadrant.

4. Coffee Mate Creamers


Admit it: you’d feel bad throwing these out when they were empty, wouldn’t you? Photo: @danzrobz / Instagram

Nothing takes your coffee from the dark side to the light side quicker than a healthy pour of these signature cross-promotional flavors from Coffee Mate.

Bearing the resemblances of Darth Vader (espresso chocolate), C-3PO (hazelnut), Chewbacca (spiced latte), R2-D2 (French vanilla), and Boba Fett (Italian sweet créme), these little wonders are sure to please even the most discerning plastic container collectors.

5. Kraft Mac & Cheese


Yay! Now we can eat Vader’s noodley little head! Photo: @kraft_macandcheese / Instagram

Certainly nothing new in terms of cross-promotions, but this childhood favorite just tastes better when it’s shaped like all of your favorite Star Wars icons. These are the mac and cheese you’re looking for.

6. Pez Dispensers


Careful, taking it out of the tin will diminish its value from $14 to 14 cents. Photo: @eggmanstudios / Instagram

This licensing was inevitable. While they have yet to release new The Force Awakens characters in Pez form, if you’ve ever wondered what Yoda, Darth Vader, and Chewie would look like vomiting bricks of candy, then this is your lucky day.

Hurry to get this multi-pack of plastic crystal dispensers (in a collectible tin shaped like Vader’s helmet no less) wherever candies get sold near you.

7. Pringles


Kind of ominous for a can of chips. Photo: @lololanz / Instagram

Whatever you do, don’t bring these with you to the movie theater or you’ll truly know the power of the dark side. With flavors like “Skywalker Sour Cream & Onion,” and “Han Solo Salt & Vinegar,” you know you’ll love it. You know.

8. BBQ Tongs


Sure, this is how Skywalker would flip a burger. Photo: @cstan35 / Instagram

While not directly food, Star Wars licensing knows no limits with these BBQ Tongs. You aren’t the only one with a bad feeling about this. Shaped like a lightsaber, it not only flips patties but lights up too – no Kyber crystal required.

__9. Subway Kid’s Meals __


Kids love bags! Photo: @tommy_salami23 / Instagram

Straying from food-based representations of the Force, Subway is still bringing an impressive merch game. All kids meals will be served in a messenger bag with graphics ranging from Millennium Falcon blueprints to Kylo Ren battle poses.