The Way You Take Your Eggs Says A Lot About You

Here’s what your preparation choice of eggs says about you, you wholly completely predictable person, you.

Oh, so you think how you take your eggs divulges only your breakfast preference? You’ve most likely naively assumed there are no hidden depths to the type of person you are when asked such a thing by a server or your surprisingly resourceful significant other.

Well, guess what? Eggs make the man or woman, and how you take your eggs shows what kind of human being you are deep down. Here’s what your preparation choice of eggs says about you, you wholly completely predictable person, you.

1. Scrambled // Old Reliable


Breakfast of (reliable) champions. Photo: Steven Depolo / Flickr

You’re reliable, and people trust you accordingly, which is perfect because you like helping others. Sure, others may see you as a bit conservative, but so what if you’re not the wildcard at the party? You’d never asked for that responsibility anyway, so maybe that’s why you get invited to so many events.

2. Over-Easy // The Assured One


As classic as you are classy. Photo: Chris Fournier / Flickr

You’re old school with that tried-and-true spirit people respect. You’re mellow and, at times, fragile, but come on strong when you need to. Though reluctant to engage, you’re not one to just sit around. You know your worth but just aren’t always sure who else deserves to know it.

3. Sunny Side-Up // The Class Act


Your yolks are so bright you’ve gotta wear shades. Photo: Phil Whitehouse / Flickr

You’re a class act who’s ready for adventure, even if you’re not always on the prowl for it. You’re open, considerate, and intriguing. You may not be going all out right now, but you’ve got plans and ideas. You’re ready for anything — without being reckless, of course.

4. Hard-Boiled // Unstoppable


You take life by the huevos if you know what I mean. Photo: @melanie_blackburn / Instagram

You are unstoppable – a force in this world (and maybe the next). You’re likely a playboy or debutante of some kind, who is always pulling wins. Aware of all this, it sometimes feels like too much, but you keep barreling forward. Just keep being you.

5. Soft-Boiled // Quietly Confident


You’re an old soul. Photo: @rosiemaid / Instagram

You remind your friends of their older relatives because you bring an old-world patience and determination to everyday life. You’re ready to endure, even if you often willfully appear whimsical and understated. You know what you’re doing, though. While a quiet challenge, you’re ready to pop when you feel like it.

6. Omelette // The Boss


It’s kind of like an egg taco, you know? Photo: @jule_stz / Instagram

As head honcho, you gleefully welcome any and all. Because you’re too ready to party, you’re not exactly the best judge of character. Small moments are for sissies. Why not always go big? You’re fine not being the center of attention if it means being around all the wildest characters in one place.

7. Poached //The Sly One


You’re so underestimated. Photo: @sambosven / Instagram

People don’t know the full scale of your capabilities. You’re crafty, aware of your mystique, and like it that way. Never one to give up the goods on who you are, you’ve got epic on the horizon, and you’re not settling for anything less. In the meanwhile, don’t hesitate to be a kind soul.

8. Raw // The Crazy One


No judgement. (A little judgement). Photo: Steve Johnson / Flickr

You’re insane and gross, but people are probably fascinated by you and can’t explain why. Unless of course you drink them like Rocky Balboa or enjoy raw egg whites in a cocktail, in which case – cheers!