What Does Your Lunchbox Say About You?

So what does your lunchbox choice say about you?

Lunchbox or thermal? Brown bag or bento box? While you might be more concerned about what delicious goodies lurk within your lunch, the outside world is quietly judging you by what you carry them in.

How you bring your lunch to school or work tells us more about who you are than you may know. So what does your lunchbox choice say about you?

Tin Lunch Box


Well, well, LOOK AT YOU. Photo: Per-Olof Forsberg / Flickr

Hipster alert. Your lunchbox is as un-mainstream and nostalgic about the 90s as you’d like to think you are. You’ve got a creative side and some refreshing childlike innocence. I would also bet you shop at a good amount of thrift stores and have a sizeable record collection in your home. Rock on.

Brown Bag


Not much to look at, but gets the job done. Photo: @curtisb90 / Instagram

With no time to make a statement, you just need something simple to carry your lunch. You’re a busy bee, and brown bagged lunches are entirely suitable to throw together something quick without obsessing too much over a well-organized meal – ain’t nobody got time for that, especially not with your schedule. Who cares what your lunch looks like on the outside? You’ve got bigger fish to fry.



Look how cute you are! Photo: @ateliedacriz / Instagram

You are a very put-together person, bordering on OCD. While you may not obsess about what’s inside the thermal, you care about outward appearances and aim to look polished at everything you do, including lunch. You also undoubtedly have a cute side to you. I would put money on the fact that your favorite thermal most likely has a fancy pattern or cartoon character on it.

Bento Boxes


We commend you, lunchbox master. Photo: @wendolonia / Instagram

You are not messing around with this lunch business. While similar to those who prefer a thermal, the bento box crowd is as much about style as they are substance – what’s within must look as good as it tastes.

You like things organized and are not a big fan of messes – why else would you have this extra durable, leak-proof lunchbox?

Plastic Bag


Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Photo: @shota_nagow / Instagram

Who has time for packing lunch? That is why God invented plastic bags, duh. While lazy may be a harsh word, let’s just say your priorities lie elsewhere. You could care less about what your lunch looks like – in fact, you’re probably going to nix whatever you brought for lunch and order takeout instead. Whatever, man.



You’re a professional at delectable lunch fare. Photo: @momables / Instagram

If there’s one thing you take seriously, it’s healthy eating. You aren’t wasteful – you stretch those leftovers for all their worth – and you know how a proper serving size is supposed to appear. You like things simple and straightforward, just like your food.

Lunchables/Bistro Box


Lunchables for adults! Photo: @anthonycino / Instagram

You are truly a child at heart. With your upbeat energy, you’re well-liked and very free spirited. Maturity may not be your forte, but who needs that silly stuff? Keep on doing you and enjoying your pre-packaged lunches.