What Your French Fry Preference Says About You

While we all love fries, you might not know what your particular choice means.

We’re fairly confident you love yourself some French fries. But just what kind you prefer may speak volumes. Surely you didn’t assume your fry order was limited merely to a matter of taste! No, no, fairest fry fiend, your favorite variety matters a great deal.

Think of French fries as edible personality tests. They reveal to the world what makes you, you. And while we all love fries, you might not know what your particular choice means.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

1. Classic Fries


Keep it classy, you know? Image: @elamorengorda / Instagram

You typically just go with the flow. Your answer for where to eat consists of, “Wherever.” You aren’t dynamic, but you have your hobbies.

The classic approach to the fry makes sense to you because it has an original quality to it that you respect. While you’re not exactly an innovator, you appreciate those who are.

2. Waffle Fries


So photogenic! Image: @ayudiac / Instagram

You’re a social character who fits any scene. With no need to be the center of attention, you fill in the gaps, which is ironic, given your fry preference is famous for holes.

There’s a chance you subconsciously have this ordering preference to fulfill your destiny as someone who loves filling in the gaps with experiences.

3. Curly Fries


They’re like little springs for your mouth! Image: @sarahsfoodblast / Instagram

You’re decisive but willing to hear others out. You get it. People don’t share your loves, and that’s cool. But you’re going your way, and nobody’s getting in the way of that. You know what you want, and love what you want. You usually don’t make a big deal out of anything; that is until someone gets up all in your business.

4. Sweet Potato Fries


They’re so pretty! Image: @veselasavova_ / Instagram

A creative spirit wails inside you as you overthink just about every decision you’ve ever faced. People repeatedly say you have a beautiful soul, even though they don’t always understand your real self. You’re very polite about it, but if they only knew what was lurking in the dark trenches of your keen mind …

5. Tater Tots


Or you just really like the word ‘tater tots.’ Image: @thebrahmin / Instagram

No matter where you are, you’re there to have fun. You have a merry heart and raucous conscious that is dead-set on having a good time. Why not? There are just too many beautiful things in life to enjoy, so even when you carry a mellow demeanor, there’s something worth celebrating.

6. Crinkle-Cut Fries


Each crinkle is an extra experience. Image: @iscoolburgers / Instagram

You can be a lot to deal with. You have all the force of leader, but the spirit of a loose cannon. You pack a punch, emotionally and sometimes physically.

You’re likely told to keep it down in restaurants, which only makes you louder — either to embarrass your friends or because you’re all out of cares to give in this life.

7. Shoestring Fries


Thin. Crunchy. Delicious. Image: / Instagram

The heart of your inner child beats loud and clear, and you notice these little reminders of youth. Your imagination is alive and well, and though you often get accused of refusing to grow up, you seem happier than those who have.

8. Steak Fries


These fries have gruff. Image: @msnewfoodie / Instagram

You’re a leader who doesn’t take any guff. You also might use the word “guff” in conversation. You talk with your hands and a full heart. You’re bold, with firm beliefs on social and political topics, which you have no reason to shy away from. That’s for wimps and wimps don’t deserve fries!

9. Pomme Frites


Fancy frites! Image: @pavowong / Instagram

You’re sophisticated and maybe a bit arrogant, sometimes rubbing people the wrong way, even your friends. You have an absolute minimum you spend on wine and only eat dark chocolate, as you think milk chocolate is for kids. You never really let loose at parties, though you’re a grand talker.

10. Cheese Fries


Gravy would make this truly next-level. Image: @bny_923 / Instagram

You either never cared what people thought, or you stopped a long time ago. You know what you want, and you will have it. There’s only one life, and you are living yours well. You continually wonder what the next level holds. How can you go bigger? How can you upgrade your existence?

11. Poutine


So you like cheese curds with your fries, eh? Image: @cricrilespetitesdouceurs / Instagram

You’re Canadian (if only at heart) and, therefore, probably an engaging sweetheart.