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Los Angeles, CA


I'm an artist. Food found me. I kind of always saw myself touring the world singing from a spinning hoop, but there's something about growing a garden and putting down roots that hooked me. As a Sonoma county native, wine is in my DNA, it simply can not exist without food. Becoming a vegetarian at 17 and a raw foodist at 20 led me to hosting at a 4-star dining living foods restaurant. Something sprouted then and it's grown. In my 10 years in LA I've had to pleasure to both 'un-cook' and cook for a swath of amazing people. Though I enjoy eating most things now, the experience of being completely pure taught me about flavors. I'm at my best when creating seasonally, locally and creatively for strangers and friends at a long table. What's certain is you will find art on your plate and soul in your seat, and if I succeed, you will be completely enchanted by the people you encounter and feast with.