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Chicago, IL


Azhriel Frost was born on a small island off the coast of Washington State. After growing up in a non-traditional household, she began working in hospitality at the age of 13. Throughout her 17 years in the industry, which has taken her nationwide from Seattle to California, she’s worked in all front and back of house positions ranging from line cook to beverage director. Upon arriving in Chicago, Azhriel worked as bartender in the River North neighborhood before landing a coveted cocktail maker role at the Aviary. There she learned the important technical skills of cocktail creation and the operational side of bar management. From there, Azhriel became beverage director at The Drawing Room and oversaw all aspects of the beverage program including concepting the drinks, designing the menu and training the staff. Her next stint at CH Distillery is where she discovered a love for making her own ingredients. During her tenure as bar manager, in addition to managing all beverage menus, she learned about the distillation process and the origins of alcohol. Her menus were both imaginative and functional due to the mix of unexpected, home-made ingredients mixed with well-known spirits. Following CH Distillery, she became lead bartender at Baptiste and Bottle before becoming Bar Manager at The Gage in February 2018. Her first menu for The Gage will debut in March 2018. Azhriel says she’s more comfortable in an apron than a vest and believes she’s a chef of alcohol rather than a bartender. She has a special love of creating and using vermouth in cocktails due to its versatility and complexity. Her favorite part of bartending is getting the opportunity to learn not just the story behind each customer but behind every bottle on the shelf behind her.