Wild California Soul

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
barbecue, mediterranean, soul food
I was raised in a California home permeated with Southern hospitality, and the smell of good Southern cookin'! My dad's family were dust bowl refugees who pickled everything, and my mom moved from Alabama to the free-thinking left coast. I inherited my family's wanderlust and spent the last 2 years in Europe. This menu features the wild/foraged California products I've missed, the Southern flavors I grew up on, & some new techniques I've picked up traveling around the Mediterranean.

Menu detail

Farmer's Market Salad
Small Plate
A combination of wild foraged produce and local, seasonal products from the farmer's market, served with a citrus vinaigrette and award-winning Istrian Olive oil.
Redneck Dolmas
Small Plate
Tender-cooked collard greens stuffed with rice and ground lamb, spiced with smoked paprika and cumin. Served with a yogurt and fresh herb dipping sauce.
Green Garlic Soup
Small Plate
Silky smooth soup made from green garlic, fresh spring vegetables, swirled with goat cheese cream, redwood sorrel drizzle, and topped with cajun spiced-sourdough croutons.
Spring Flatbread
Small Plate
Flatbread topped with wild nettle pesto, house-made ricotta, grilled asparagus and pickled ramps.
Wild Boar with Southern Succotash
Slow roasted and smoked wild boar over a bed of succotash - a traditional medley of fresh legumes, crispy bacon and grilled corn - finished with a honey chipotle lime sauce. This dish dances with smokey, salty, sweet, spicy and tangy flavors!
Grilled Peach Shortcake
Tender shortcake with grilled Early Girl Peaches, served with generous clouds of house-made wildflower-honey whipped cream and a touch of cinnamon.


Dandelion Lemonata
Dandelion Lemonata... with Bourbon

Wild California Soul

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco
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