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Bartholomew BroadbentNEW MAKER!

Richmond, VA, USA


Bartholomew Broadbent, son of Michael Broadbent, moved to the USA in 1985 to help develop the Port market. In 1988, he reintroduced Madeira to the USA. He in the 1990s he started Broadbent which has become one of the leading producers of Port, Madeira, Vinho Verde and other wines. In 1996, he started Broadbent Selections, which is one of the most respected national US importers, with iconic brands like Chateau Musar, Spy Valley, leading South Africans and more. In 2018 he founded Broadbent Wines Ltd. which sells wines around the world. He is a regular speaker at wine festivals and on cruise lines. After 21 yrs in SF he moved to Virginia.