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Benjawan Baxter

SoMa, San Francisco, CA, USA


Born in Thailand, I practically grew up in my family’s kitchen, learning to cook from my grandmother and mother. They taught me traditional Thai recipes and techniques dating back many generations. As we were a farming family, we always had fresh ingredients from our garden. Early on I learned the value of using the freshest and most authentic ingredients available. I also learned that the best results come from making everything from scratch. I moved to Bangkok for college. Living there, I extended my knowledge of Thai cooking, especially curries. After graduation, I moved to France. My Parisian landlady, herself a “cordon bleu” cook, agreed to teach me French cuisine in exchange for me teaching her Thai cooking. From this experience, I learned the pleasure of teaching others how to cook. Since France, I’ve continued traveling the world. When I travel, I always seek out new foods and recipes, looking for unique flavors and textures. When I find something I like, I try recreating it by taste, often adding my own flair.
While I now cook professionally, I still maintain my passion for cooking as a hobby. Please join me in exploring traditional Thai dishes and French dishes along with dishes of my own creation. As we say in Thai, “AROI-AROI” (really delicious).

You never leave hungry with me!