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Bethany Costilow
New Maker!
Shaker Heights, OH


My boyfriend and I have recently moved back to Cleveland - my hometown! - after several years of living in the NY area, where we met and fell in love due, in part, to our shared loved of FOOD. More specifically, we love to acquire, prepare, and eat fresh, healthy foods in the most exuberant and delicious ways possible. We delight in discovering flavorful new recipes that accommodate our preference for food that is majority vegetarian, majority organic, and as fresh and local as possible. Additionally, we have a passion for entertaining!

About me: I am an ornamental plasterer by trade who is passionate about architecture, art, dogs, Downton Abbey, exercise, and leopard print.

My boyfriend, Zach is: a biologist by training who was raised in rural New Hampshire, an avid runner and gardener who works as a dry stone mason.