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As a global brand and platform that seeks to share untold stories and to give voices to cultures and communities across the world, we stand with all marginalized communities in the fight against racism, prejudice, and discrimination. One of our most important company core values is “Embrace Our World,” which we seek to embody in both our content and how we operate as a company. We value inclusivity and diversity, respect the richness of all cultures, and celebrate them through real-life storytelling. This has and always will be a part of our ethos.

The Be the Change site is a destination created by an employee-led group at Tastemade. At Tastemade, our goal is to provide information and resources that highlight ways you can support marginalized and underrepresented communities. These lists are fueled by our passionate employees and are meant to be a starting point. We invite you to share additional resources with us on Instagram or Twitter @tastemade.