San Francisco, CA


Hi, I'm Bonnie. I am the owner of Plate Craft Catering - a modern catering company based in Oakland, CA. We focus on fresh, mostly-from-scratch, seasonal menus. You can check out what we are up to on our Instagram @platecraft and Facebook page @platecraftcatering. Here's a few things that are important at Plate Craft Catering:

Eating seasonally: In-season food that is grown nearby will always taste the best and contribute the most to our local economy. So, we spend a lot of time cultivating relationships with local producers and change our menus based on their offerings that week.

Makin' stuff ourselves: Creating dressings, dips, sauces, cookies, muffins, etc ourselves means we know just what goes into them and allows us to change them to include ingredients that are in the peak of their season.

Sourcing locally: What we don't make from scratch, we buy from our neighbors and friends in the community. For example, our breads come from Firebrand Artisan Breads across the street; our jams come from INNA Jam in Emeryville and our packaging stickers are printed by Solstice Press in Jack London Square.

Sourcing organic foods: We source most of our organic produce from farms within about 100 miles from our kitchen. We also stock our fridge + pantry with organic milk, butter, eggs, yogurt, olive oil, vinegars, flour and sugar.

Reducing waste: We work with to purchase organic produce that would otherwise go to waste. This produce could be recovered from the end of a farmer's market or maybe it just doesn't meet cosmetic standards to be purchased by a grocery store. At the end of an event, we also offer a service to take leftover foods to a homeless shelter.