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Brent KilleNEW MAKER!

Phoenix, AZ


Brent received his first opportunity to showcase his style when he came aboard The Marriott Buttes to run their fine dining restaurant, Top of the Rock, as Chef de Cuisine. Looking to expand his knowledge, he jumped at the opportunity to work at Crudo, where he honed his skill at minimalist Italian cuisine. He then switched back to his southern style upon taking over kitchen operations at Okra Cookhouse. After his stint at Okra, he headed to Charleston, South Carolina to take on a consulting role and dig deeper in to southern cuisine and culture. He jumped at the opportunity, when Jacob Cutino offered him Director of Production for Homeboys Hot Sauce, to return back home to Phoenix. Upon returning, he's jumped right back in to helping other chefs and pursuing his own cooking passions. Follow @Tnerb14 to see where he's chowing down in his free time.