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Brittany Lindon(39)
Marshall, VA


Several years ago, after a big holiday meal, we took turns thinking of the *one* word that best captured each person's essence. My dad came up with the word overboard for me, and my cooking certainly encompasses that (I love to make everything from scratch), as does my latest endeavor. We just bought a 10 acre farm with an 1800s Victorian farm house out 66W. The house is situated on an old tobacco plantation, where we hope to start growing our own crops, have milk goats and cows and eventually make artisanal cheese. In the meantime, we source raw milk from a local microdairy. On the farm, we have fruit bushes & trees, beehives and tons of ornamental heirloom trees, bulbs, and flowers. As a longtime local foods advocate, I source most of our food locally from our friends and neighbors and assist local farms with marketing and event planning. I have managed and/or started up several farmers markets and was elected to serve on the state-level farmers market board. I dig complicated dishes, elaborate themed events and drinking good cocktails with homemade ingredients! I'm a psychologist by trade and my husband has a doctorate in classical music composition, but works as a statistician/tech consultant by day. We both love deep or lively discussions over thoughtfully prepared dishes and have a penchant for the creative! We also have our home on Airbnb and love meeting new people!!