Caetie Ofiesh(50)
San Francisco, CA


Caetie Ofiesh is a Bay Area chef specializing in local and fresh ingredients for the adventurous palate.  She pulls flavors and textures from a wide range of cuisines and combines them with the best local seasonal produce to create satisfying, compelling meals. She's currently doing meals and events for a collection of private clients and Bay Area businesses -- anything from intimate dinners for 6, office lunch for 20, fun community meals for 40, to parties for 100+ people. She also throws her own pop-up events through Feastly in her own home or with hosting partners. You can check out her recent meals on her Feastly profile ( or her Flickr page (

I'm also part of Salt + Pepper Club, a supper club I run with my partner in dinner crimes, Aleks. Find us and our events on Feastly and @saltpepperclub.