6-Course Garden Feast

In-PersonCapitola, Capitola


Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
Gluten Free, Local, Organic, Raw, Vegetarian
Having worked with some of the best chefs in the world in Vienna, Paris, and Los Angeles, I'm also a sommelier for wine, beer, spirits, tea, coffee, water, cheese and cigars. I later left the kitchen to become a hotel GM in Egypt, Kuwait and Florida, and later a vintner in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I am back for YOU! For maximum quality, I grew or foraged the ingredients myself and everything I serve you is of organic and artisanal. Enjoy garden and lounge seating, bar, relaxing atmosphere.

Menu detail

Halibut Crudo
Small Plate
When I stroll down the Capitola wharf, I occasionally run into my fisherman friend Steve that caught a fresh halibut or other seafood. It is Monterey Bay caught. I slice it into 1/2 millimeter thin fans and cure it with lemon and rice vinegar. Then I top it with a colorful harvest from my garden. Optional wine pairing 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, grown in Ascona Vineyards at Skyline Blvd in the Santa Cruz Mountains, crafted by Ryan Beauregard
Focaccia With Local Oils
Small Plate
My Focaccia is made from organic flour, California olive oil and local sea salt. Olives, tomatoes, herbs, garlic, goat cheese and zucchini. It is served right out of the charcoal fire. To complement the flavors, dip in variety of homemade oils. This dish reminds me of my trips to Italy in my parent's goat cheese delivery car when I was a child and my parents were cheese makers. Optional wine pairing 2016 Chardonnay, grown in Zayante Vineyards, Santa Cruz Mountains, crafted by Ryan Beauregard
Braised Shellfish and Crustaceans
Small Plate
Inspired by a century old Provencal recipe for Bouillabaisse, shellfish and crustaceans are slowly braised with a series of 21 ingredients. The dish is served with Socca chips (from chick peas). Optional wine pairing 2017 Rose from Zayante Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains, crafted by Ryan Beauregard
Garden Granita
Small Plate
Fresh lemon juice and watermelon juice (also homegrown) is combined with distilled lemon juice and brought to a freeze. The alcohol in the granitee keeps it from completely solidifying. Served with garden peppermint extract, lightly seasoned with jalapeno. Optional wine pairing 2015 Pinot Noir, grown in Bonny Doon, Ben Lomond Mountain, crafted by Ryan Beauregard
Cassoulet-Inspired Stew
Artisan sausages are made by a friend in Corralitos. Variety of beans and vegetables is homegrown. This dish is inspired by the classic French dish "Cassoulet." I was inspired by my friend and 3 Michelin star chef Michel Del Burgo when he was my boss at Hotel Le Bristol in Paris where we won Best Hotel Restaurant in the world award by Guide Michelin in 1998. Optional wine pairing 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon from Beauregard Ranch, Ben Lomond Mountain, crafted by Ryan Beauregard
Cocoa and Figs
Organic cocoa butter, figs from the neighbor's tree, and other summer fruits are used for this combination of white chocolate and California mission figs. Served with Berlin iced coffee and hazelnut pie crust. Crispy layers, light and summery, creamy and delicious. Making the dessert has always been my favorite part of cooking a meal. Optional wine pairing 2013 Syrah dessert wine, fortified, grown in Santa Cruz Mountains, barrel sample from barrel 1742 at Beauregard winery


Wine pairing with each course

6-Course Garden Feast

In-PersonCapitola, Capitola
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